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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - A young girl's parents have tragically disposed of the charred remains of her favourite doll, citing that the child was simply possessed by it.

This occurred when the family decided to move state for some unknown reason and found a spirit ridden townhouse that was coincidentally built over an Indian burial ground.

Within the first few steps into their new home, Caitlin, a seven-year-old girl, spotted an old creepy looking doll that sat welcoming at the bottom of their daunting staircase.

Instantly, Caitlin became enamoured by this small toy, which gave a positive influence by helping to nurture her maternal instincts. Caitlin washed the doll's hair, sang lullabies to it, slept with it in bed, and tried to keep it as safe as possible, as any loving parent would.

Unfortunately for innocent Caitlin, this leads a bad impression on her parents, as explainable events occurred throughout the house. A couple of light-bulbs blew up, a neighbour's black cat jumped out from behind a curtain after hearing a creak in the floorboards worth investigating and experiencing emotional lows that are totally unrelated to homesickness.

Caitlin's parents decided to eradicate their daughter's only friend in the World when a local nut job warned them both that there was a curse on the house.

Neither mum or dad opted to consult their online estate agent for any clarification to these rumours, instead, Caitlin's supposed male & female role models set her favourite object alight in the backyard during daylight hours, in an effort to stop any more bad luck from happening.

At press time we've learned that this particular doll was a one of a kind antique, worth millions of dollars, proving that their bad luck is not going anywhere, anytime soon.
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