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A poem about a small bird, from freedom to an end.
Uplifted weightlessly in freedom of flight,
Carried forth by thy wings to the hunt,
A bounty graced by the dawning sun,
To seek refuge before its fading light.

Beneath clouds and overlooking vast seas,
I venture beyond self-purpose,
Travelling far to rummage through leaves,
Finding prey on Earth's surface.

Soaring above threats are most seldom.
Far from the chaos happening beneath.
Witnessing their peace come under siege
Across towns, castles and Kingdoms.

Plunging with both feet on soil,
it’s time to pillage and plunder,
like a coil, I am prepared to pounce,
quick as lighting, ruthless as thunder.

Prey from the wake of morn,
on this day that fear is now turned,
an unknown predator since the day I was born,
falling into an ambush, a lesson too late to learn.

For I am but a captured Wren,
Trapped in a Witch's snare,
Screaming out to my fledgelings,
Beware! Beware! Beware!
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