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This is my review where I compare the poem with Tripodi form poem with this poem.
This is my review:--
"Between Then and Forever" is a nice little unique syllabic form of the short poem where poet TaH2o shows tremendous control over both syllables and the rhythms indeed.

This thirty lines poem is divided into ten equal stanzas of three lines. This stanza type is known as Tercets. These tercets are equivalent to Tripodi poems in the shape characteristics. Tripodi poems maintain a, a,b pattern like this poem but in Tripodi poem first two lines should contain eight syllables each whereas unrhythmic line which is the last line of the stanza should have ten syllables. But, the poet is able to perform this even in fewer syllables of that! This is really unbelievable performance. I must hat off in front of the poet.

If you observe carefully, the unrhythmic line which is the last line of the stanza is also rhythmic between them. This is really an extraordinary performance indeed.

In this poem, the poet searches the relationship between then and forever. At last, he sends those messages to us which are really inspirational in reality.
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