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A poem I wrote for you.
Dear friend do you see what I see?
The eternal reality of non-duality
Sublime and supreme the seer and the seen
Everyone has been where I have been
Leaving home traveling around then coming back home
Cycles upon cycles repeating but never with the same tone
You are the truth but you lace it with lies
You do this because you can't stand the flies
Beauty is everywhere though even within the ugly
That is the true nature of our reality
Both subject and object indeed thou art that
If I'm proven wrong I shall eat my hat
All beings exist upon a spectrum beating their own drum
Ignore their endless calls and you'll start to feel numb
Only then will you truly feel yourself within me
All things circle and spin can we not agree?
The finite limits and forms abound and surround
All calling for transcendence upon my infinite mound
You are a volcano waiting to erupt
I am a mountain beyond the corrupt
I am like the water within your icy shelf
Nothing contains me except you yourself
Truly truly I tell you I am you and you are me
Dear friend why is it so hard for you to see?
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