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A story of a young boy who finnally chooses to do good after he meets a girl.
"EEEEEERRRRIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK YOUR DOG JUST TOOK A SHAT IN MY ROOM! MOOOOOM" my sister screamed. "COULD YOU SCREAM ANY LOUDER DANG ILL CLEAN IT UP!"I yelled back. I quickly got up and made my bed. I went downstairs to get cleaning supplies for the poo in the room and I saw my step-dad on his computer "Goodmorning Greg I made waffles" I responded "Cool thanks Mike and please call me Erick I hate my first name" he chuckled "okay kiddo" I ran upstairs into the demons liar and quickly cleaned the poop and got my pup some food.

I went in my room and I decided to get ready for school...hmmmm blue or red?? Ramen barked "wooof" red it is! I quickly got changed into a red longsleeve and some black pants and I put my red converse hightops on and i looked at my hair "ugh screw it im wearing a beanie today" i pulled my black beanie on got my coat and backpack and headed for the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and stuffed my black hair into the beanie and put my retainer up. i quickly yelled "Bye guys! Im lAte" my mom came "mister you forgot your lunchbox" she kissed my head "Bye mom thanks"
I ran out the door quickly got my skateboard and skated away to school.
As i skated to school i listenend to music and thought about my grades "If i dont get my grades up i wont be able to publish my book ugh" I loved writing books and drawing but my grades weren't the best i always got Bs and i hate it! i can never get As! At my school im popular if anyone found out i loved writing and drawing i would never survive..and i slso really like singing but thats just embarssing. "Just a Stranger by Kali Uchis" plays. I pulled up to the school, the table thats usally filled up with chicks..they are so annoying everyday they go " HEy erickkkkkkkkk" and squel..like dude i know im hot but leave me alone! I smile at them and get of the skaeboard and go say hi " hey ladies" they all reply "HEy erickkkk" Jenna says " Hey erick...wanna go study afterschool at my place?" i reply " No not really, bye!" i go inside the school and quickly go to my locker and get my crap. I go sit inside my first period class thinking it was gonna be a reugular monday...but booy was i wrong because that day i met someone so special that changed me.

The teacher started taking attendence and as soon as she finished she put up a writing warmup on the board. After about 14mins i decided to go submit my paper when the whole class heard a knock on the door. The teacher Miss.Melanie got my paper and said "Thank you Greg can you please sit down?" I walked to my desk and sat. When she opened the door, thats when i saw her.....she was very pale, she had curlled brown short hair her hair reached her shoulders and were tucked behind her ears , she had light brown eyes, she was wearing a white longsleeve shirt and a black dress that reached her knees. she had black boots and had cute little socks with pancakes. Miss.Melanie said "Class i want yall to meet Chloe! Chloe do you want to tell us a little bit about yourself?" she then said "Um Hi im Chloe i come from Texas and im looking forward to meeting you guys" as soon as she finished the teacher told us to finish up while she settled Chloe in and as sson as she started showing chloe round my buddy Justin turned to talk to me "Yo Erick shes kinda cute dude" i said "Yeah guess so."he said" Not Jenna Rink Cute tho" he laughed. Before i noticed the new girl was sitting beside me. She quickly took out a notebook that was yellow and started writing. She took out a pencil and a bunny eraser. she looked at me her eyes cold and looked away. I could tell she was very quiet and subtle and i regret thinking this but she seemed kinda plain and boring to me. Lunch time came she sat alone and was on her phone the whole time, she didn't speak or look around she kinda seemed invisble.The whole time my friends laughed and talked and i just caught myself staring at her. my friend Dylan said "Bro that new girl seems so weird" everyone agreed and just to keep up i said yeah. After school one of the bullies, Frank was talking to Chloe. Frank "Hey'' chloe said ''yeah'' frank said ''you seem so lonely'' chloe ''and?" frank'' oh your quite the fiesty mouse'' frank put his hand on her shoulder and i heard her scream ''get OFF ME'' I wanted tohelp her but i could'nt possibly hold up my friends. she looked at me with worry her eyes said to mee ''Please help me'' but i looked away my buddy Dylan said ''YO you coming?'' i said ''Yeah'' and walked away. I went home. I ran to my room as soon as i got home and i decided to shower. I couldn't stop thinking...what if i could have saved her life but instead to look cool i didn't...i hope shes okay but whatever why should i care..i got out of the shower and changed and got on my laptop to continue typing a book.

My mom came into my room "Greg we need to talk...in the living room in 5mins okay?" i said "ok mom" As i turned my L.E.D lights i heard my mom crying, I felt confused...did my dad contact her...?
My dad is a sensitive topic..My dad was a bad guy he hurt my mom a lot emotionally he always had other wifes and kids and when my mom met Mike i was only 4 and i was confused all i knew was that my dad wasn't in love with my mom and i really felt happy for my mom because Mike made her really happy and he accepted me and my sister, Holly. So when i heard my mom crying i knew it had to be my dad. I walked down staris and i saw Mike, mom, and holly on the couch, they all looked at me. My mom crying, Mike comforting her, and Holly was sobbing too. I asked "Whats going on?" Mike looked at me "Sit down erick" he said, my mom looked at me "Gregory Today i got diagnosed with cancer" she said. My heart dropped i walked to my room and shut the door behind me. It was 2am when i woke up still sad about the news with my mother, i heard a girl crying outside, i got up quietly from my bed and went to my window and i saw Chloe she was outside on the sidewalk holding a little boy and a little girl while she held her arms around the 2 kids she was crying. I was so confused..was she my neighbor? and why was she outside? And then a nasty big guy came out walking it was a drunk, i couldn't hear what he was saying but i could tell it was her dad or her step-dad. Her mom came out a skinny pale woman crying she pushed the big guy away and told the kids to go back inside and she was just talking to him and yelling it was so weird because my nieghborhood wasn't like this, many rich people lived here and nobody really got drunk so it was weird. I decided to just go back to bed.

The next day went by so fast maybe because i felt numb? Before i knew it i was outside waiting for the bell to dismiss us. I walked up to chloe "Hey can we talk? she said "sure? whatsup, Gregory right?'' i said "erick umm meet me outside your house at 9pm sharp" she said "do you know where i live? i said ''i do, you live beside me'' she said ''oh okay yeah sure? this isn't creepy at all'' we both laughed. The bell ringed. I got on my skateboard and she left to the car rider area and i just skated away back home. When i got home everything seemed normal my sister stayed in her room, Mike was working late, and my mom was at the computer editing a paper for work. When i said "hey mom" she said "Hey sweetie i made food its on the counter...i may be at the hospital more often just know even if i don't make it you still have Holly, and Mike..okay?'' Thoose words made me tear up..what if my mom wasn't with us anymore? all i could say was ''Don't say that'' and i walked away to my room without eating...i wasn't hungry. When i woke up after my nap it was 7:43pm so i decided to take a shower. After i showerd my friend Dylan called '' Erick i heard about your mom...im so sorry dude..are you okay?'' i said ''Yeah its cool im fine..hey ill call you i a bit" he said "ok bye".
I finally went outside and skated for a while untill 9:30 came. Time passed my watch read 9:35. I thought she ditched me untill i saw her she was wearing shorts and a shirt. She came besdie me and st on a rock. She said ''So whats up?'' i said ''Who was that yelling yesterday?'' she looked at me ''Just my moms boyfriend..you heard?'' i said '' and i saw'' she just looked at the floor. ''I'll be back'' i said and ran back inside the house i quickly got my speaker and my phone and i went back outside. "Hey can i play something?'' Chloe said when i walked outside with the speaker in my hands, i said ''Sure.." she grabbed the speaker and played "Cake By The ocean By DNCE" and she looked at me "Teach me how to ride the skateboard.." I said ''Okay sure'' and i balanced her on the skateboard she got on and rid but then she said "Uh how do i stop??" "just put your foot on the ground!" i yelled. choe said " Wait whaT? and befor i knew it she was heading in my direction super fast and before i could move out of the way she had lost control and trampled me over. she scream" IM so sorry! are you okay?" i said "Yeah can you um get off me?" she said "yeah i should get going!" before i could say bye she left. I got off the ground and i noticed that she was on top of me! omg im such an idiot! i should have helped her up i said smacking my hand on my face. I picked up the skateboard, my speaker and i noticed she left her phone on the rock i picked it up and went inside. While i was laying in bed i could'nt help but think she was kinda...cute. I mean she was diffrent because she was brave i mean she got on my skateboard going fast without hesitating! and she was really pretty ans she didn't seem to be a brt like Jenna and her gang and she just seemed humble. Damnit im catching feelings.

The next day came it was saturday. I went down for breakfeast and noticed nobody was home except for my dog ramen he was just sleeping and Holly she was sitting on the table looking at a plate of food. i said " Where is everyone?" she looked at me with tears in her eyes " Moms at the hospital getting treatment.." she got up from the table and wrapped her arms around me and said "Everything is going to be okay" This was the first time i saw my 17 year old sister act like a mom. She then made me a waffle and said ''you should eat i have to go apply to some colleges''. I smiled at her and ate my waffle and then i ran to my rooom to change i put some pants on and a shirt and i put my beanie on i ran to the bathroom and cleaned up and then i cleaned my room and put clothes to wash and then i washed ramen and yelled "Im going to the nieghbors!" Holly said "OK" i ran out and then i noticed..I FORGOT HER phONE! I ran back inside the house and i noticed the music never stopped playing on her phone so i turned of the music and i saw the playlist and i played it on my phone and i really enjoyed it, it was a jumble of songs by COIN, The Frights, Twenty One pilots and some other rock bands. I ran back outside and i went to her house and knocked a Tall skinny, pale woman opened the door she said "Oh hi! who are you looking for?" she sounded very sweet but sounded very sad and i said "Chloe" and she told chloe to come and she left and grabbed a baby and walked away. Chloe hugged me and said "Heyy! wanna hang out today?" i said "Um yeah sure here your phone" she took it and put it in her pocket. "Mom can i hang out with erick?" her mom said "Sure don't be home too late!" and we walked away and went to go to the park. While we walked we talked a lot and i found out a lot about her. She was born on November 28 and her favorite colors were red and orange. I loved spending time with her it made me happy and forget about mom. Her eyes in the sunlight were so beautiful i could'nt explain. THh day came to an end we were walking back home and we sat donw on a bench and she said "I loved hanging out today" And she put her hand around my shoulder and pulled out her phone and took a picture "Thats a keeper!" then things began getting serious she said "Tell my something you never told anyone before" i said "You first.." she said " My moms boyfriend is a drunk" and i can play the ukele..now you" i said " My mom..has cancer.." she hugged and said "Im so sorry" and we didn't say anything.. i said "Lets just stay like this" we decided to walk home and we didn't really say anything. When she got home she said " Stay here ill be back" She ran inside and when she came out she had a ukele in her hand and she sat down on the rock and said she started playing the notes sounded sweet i put my head on her shoulder. And after her just playing i said " Ill be back" i ran inside the house and got my poetry book and ran back outside i handed the book to her. She read one and said " You write? This is amazing!" She stared singing and playing the ukele. She ws reading my poetry and putting it with the ukele and it was amazing!! I joined in and we just sang. When we were done i looked into her eyes and she looked into mine i sensed her getting closer...and then her mom came oustside and i quickly got up and gave her a highfive and ran back inside!!!!!! I ALMOST KISSED HER OMG! I dashed too my room and shut the door.

She texted me
Chloe "That was weird"
Erick ''yup''
Chloe ''mhm''
Erick "Goodnight Chloe"
read 8:43

Dang she left me on read this was so weird every girl i had ever dated never left me on read...this girl was different. I layed i bed and i could'nt i was up all night worrying abou my mom and her moms toxic boyrfirend and just her and th world for the first time in forever i was'nt sleeping i was awake untill 4am and i could'nt sleep and then i heard the door downstairs open and i heard my mom and she was murmmuring and she went to her room and shut the door. All i could do was Write a poem about her and afterwards i finally fell asleep.
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