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A story inspired by an Indian mythological story.

Bharatvarsha, 5000 years ago,
One morning, when, Braham Rishi Vashishtha was doing Yoga on a raised platform in a garden of his ashram. King Satyavrat arrived there. He was a great and pious king. He had the intuition that he was going to die soon. He always did the good deeds in his lifetime and hence he was sure that he deserved to be given a place in heaven.
He had a strange desire. He wished to go to heaven without leaving his body.
He thought about it. He knew the Brahm Rishis possess the power even to control life and death.
He thought of asking Vashisht for help, Time was running short. Therefore, he came there in the early morning
Vashishtha saw Satyavrat entering the ashram and came down to welcome him.
Vashishth respected the king for his pious nature.
They sat on cane chairs kept is a lawn.
After courtesy greetings, Maharishi asked the king, "O king of kings what compelled you to come here at this moment."
Satyavrat said, "Maharshi, I know my days are numbered on this planet. Do I deserve a place in heaven."
Vashishtha said, "Rajan, I have no doubt this. An able and pious king like you deserve a place in heaven.
Satyavrat hesitatingly said, "I wish to go there along with my body."
Vashistha frowned and asked , "Do you do not want to die?"
Satyavrat said, "In both ways, I have to leave this world,"
Vashistha said, "O great king you must be knowing it against the law of nature. It is not possible."
Satyavrat said, "Maharshi, I believe you can bend even the laws of nature."
Vashistha now clearly said, "Even if I could do, I would not have done anything like this. Please forgive me."
Satyavrat felt disappointed, but he paid respect to the Brahamrishi and left the ashram.

Satyavrat getting a refusal from Vashishtha approached the eldest son of Vashishtha with the same request. Thinking that the king wanted to create a rift between father and son. The Vashishtha's son made him disfigured and removed him from his kingdom with a curse. King started wandering in the forests.
One day he met Vishvamitra who had become Brahm Rishi. He prayed to him for succor and send him to heaven with his physical body. He told him that Rishi Vashshtha had refused his request and his son had cursed him.
Vishwamitra was so inimical with Vashshtha that he agreed to send King Satyavrut to heaven with his physical body merely to prove that he was Superior to Vashishtha.
Vishwamitra performed some special yajnas and rites. He applied his powers of a Brahm Rishi and sent the King to heaven. The gods of heaven took exception to this and did not allow him entry to heaven. He remained hanging in the space. Vishwamitra didn't want to take back his step. Instead, he created separate heaven for Satyavrut who became famous as Trishanku. Later, his family was also sent. King Trishanku had to live there upside down.
n due course of time Trishanku's heaven became the planet Sulok.
Raju was alone at home. All the other members of his family had gone to attend a wedding ceremony. He did not go with them as he had to take a maths test at school the next day. He was a student of 8th standard.
After studying for a few hours he felt tired and stopped studying. He switched on the smart TV, mounted on a wall of the room.
Then he remembered that his science teacher had also given a lot of homework. He took out a notebook and textbook of science and started writing the answers to the questions given by the science teacher. He could not go beyond the third question. Further questions were too difficult for him.
All of a sudden a beautiful teenage girl appeared on the TV screen.
She addressed Raju, "Raju, if you want I can help you with your science homework."
He wondered if it was a tutorial program? But how did the anchor or tutor know his name?
He asked the girl, "Who are you and how do you know my name?
She replied, "My name is Mangalika. I have read your name from the name slip pasted on the cover of your notebook and book.
Raju asked with a surprise, "How could you read outside from TV?"
The girl laughed and asked Raju, "Do you think I am sitting inside this TV?"
Raju replied, "I am not a fool. You are in the studio."
Mangalika said, "Good, you are a smart boy."
Raju said, "Thanks."
Mangalika said, "Show me your science questions."
Raju opened the notebook and showed it to Mangalika. Within a few seconds, answers to all the questions came on the tv screen. In the background, Mangalika's said, "You can copy these answers or take a photo with a mobile phone."
Raju preferred taking a photo with his mobile phone.
After this Mangalika left the screen and a regular news channel started running on the TV.
He regretted that he could not ask much about Mangalika before she went off. Raju was happy that he could finish his homework. Now he could play. But he could not go out to play as there was nobody at home.
So he started to play a video game.
When his family members returned, he told them about Mangalika. Everyone laughed. Nobody believed him.
He said to his father, "Papa, I am telling the truth."
Papa consoled him by saying, "I believe you. That may be a tutorial program for the students of your standard."
Raju was satisfied with the answer.
Raju's father was a scientist and working with the army on making an advanced missile system, which can turn India into a super military power in the world.
After about a week, when Raju was alone in the TV room, Mangalika appeared on the TV screen. This time also she helped Raju in quickly finishing his homework.
Then she asked Raju, "Raju, does your father have a laptop."
Raju replied, "Yes?"
Mangalika asked, "Can you show me?"
Raju asked, "Why?"
Mangalika, "I want to buy a laptop so I want to see some good model"
Raju, "If papa has not carried it to the office I can show. Let me check."
Raju went inside and returned with his father's Laptop.
Mangalika said to Raju, "Switch it on and bring it near me."
At that moment the Raju's father came there in search of his laptop. He wanted to take it to his office.
On his arrival, Mangalika disappeared and the tv got switched off automatically.
Raju narrated what had happened.
Raju's father said to Raju, " Mangalika must be an animation and part of the spyware of some malicious hacker.
I have secured my laptop with strong antivirus and anti-spyware. First, he must have tried to hack my laptop. On failing, he must have tried to copy my confidential data by manipulating the smart tv and interacting with you.
I will make our smart tv smarter so as not to allow its manipulation.

Somewhere in space, on a tiny planet Sulok, the native aliens curiously waited for Mangalika. Soon Mangalika appeared before them. These aliens looked like dwarfs humans. They were very small in size and looked like toys. The planet was similar to the earth. A few hundred of them had assembled on a lawn in a small park. One man was sitting on a chair. He wore a colorful turban. He was the king of the planet Sulok. Mangalika stood before him.
He asked Mangalika in the Sanskrit language, "How was your journey to the earth."
Mangalika said, "it was great fun. The planet earth is similar to our planet Sulok. Some differences are there. The earth has a circular moon, whereas our moon is rectangular. The earth is bigger than our planet and its natives are quite bigger than us, though our features are similar."
All were listening keenly. They had one question in their minds. The king also wanted to know the answer to the same question.
He asked Mangalika, " Which part of the earth have you visited?"
Mangalika said, "As you ordered, I went to India."
King Barad was satisfied.
He addressed all, "Now we can disperse. Let Mangalika take a rest."
In a few minutes, all the people disappeared underground. There were no buildings above the ground except parks, lawns, and playgrounds. There were well-developed townships underground. There was no residential building built over the ground except lawns and parks. People came to them for a change sometimes. However, there was a giant size statue of the Planet's deity Trishanku, which was constructed on a hill. The deity had been carved out of a stone and strangely, he was standing on his head. People called the hill the Trishanku's hill
In an underground laboratory, a team of scientists examined a metallic piece, believed to be a part of a spacecraft from the earth. A craft exploded a few thousand km away. A broken part of that craft fell on Sulok. They were elated to find that the piece was a part of the fuel tank of the damaged spacecraft. They found traces of the fuel on it. They analyzed the elements of the metal piece and the fuel and noticed a marked similarity with the elements found on Sulok.
Their forefathers were right in claiming their lineage from the earthlings.
The Mangalika's family was considered the descendants of the first family of Sulok. The Sulokans believed the planet Sulok was similar to the earth in its constitution. It is said that the deity shown in the statue belonged to the earth and he was the first Sulokan to settle on Sulok along with his family. Initially, he remained in constant touch with the earth. When he came there, he had a set of books of all knowledge. He lost those books and as a consequence lost the touch with the earth. Mangalika often visited The Trishanku's hill.
She liked the place very much. After necessary rest and passing quarantine, she headed to the Trishanku's hill.

At the temple of Trishanku, there were stone benches with a wooden canopy to avoid the Hot sun. Mangalika was sitting on a bench in front of the idol of Trishanku. She always wondered why god Trishanku was upside down. She had heard a few folklores of Sulok Mentioning Trishanku to be a victim of the Gods' fight with some great warrior Rishi of the earth.

After sitting there for an hour she entered the town by a nearby hole, which had stairs going down. This was a shortcut for her residence.
At home, her mother asked her to have food. She was not much hungry, but she had food.
She asked her mother," Maa do you know on earth people live above the ground.
Maa looked at her with a surprise and ask, "How do they bear the heat of the sun?"
The planet Sulok was near to the sun and received powerful sun rays. None can face the sun there for more than half an hour. Hence the people lived under the ground.
Mangalika replied, "the sunlight reaches there with mild intensity."
Maa said, "when I will like to visit earth when transportation starts.


In the laboratory, scientists were conversing in the Sanskrit. Sulokans spoke only Sanskrit.
The chief scientist Sulok said, "Now we have enough knowledge a4bout material, which can be used to make our spacecraft for going to the earth. By the thorough study and testing of the metal piece of the Indian spacecraft, they were excited. Now they knew well the metal which would be suitable to enter the earth's atmosphere.
They had sent Mangalika through the wave transmission method. It was a complex method. This method was complex and not suitable for mass transportation. Hence, they wanted to make a few spacecraft.
The chief said, "We will start on the project spacecraft tomorrow.
The full team agreed.
Sulok's scientists started working on the earth specific spacecraft. They had an excellent plant to build air crafts and space crafts and launching facilities. They had probed many planets and stars and reached the boundary of the milky way. Since they found the earth their space research program had full focus on the earth.
The earth was the part of their psyche. All legends and folklores of Sulok were resplendent with the mentions of the earth. They believed their forefathers belonged to the planet earth. Once upon a time, Sulok was like heaven. Very rich and beautiful. It had a highly advanced civilization. 1000 years ago unusually intense solar flares caused havoc on the planet. The four godly books were also destroyed. Some people knew these books by heart. They rebuilt the civilization with the knowledge of those books. Now Sulok was a quite developed planet, but it could not be returned to its original glory.
Siuloka’s scientists had been looking for life in space for a long time. They took a long time to identify earth.
A few years ago Sulok's communication satellite intercepted a message from a passer-by space probe. It relayed it to Sulok's space program communication center. II surprised the researchers present there. It was quite a long message, including audio, visual messages, music, diurnal waves, mind waves. The message was compressed. When the researchers studied the message they were thrilled to listen to a greeting in the Sanskrit language and the sound of OM. Sulok was familiar with this portion of the message and they felt almost sure the message was from the earth. They separated and amplified the Sanskrit part of the message many times and transmitted back into space. They sent it by various methods, By modulating radio waves and light waves.
Abhyuday Shrivastav was on the night shift at the center for communication with the extraterrestrial intelligence was sitting in front of his computer wearing his headphones. He reduced the volume as normally he heard the cosmic noise. When he received the Sulok's Sanskrit message, he jumped off his chair. The computer screen was showing a message recognized. It showed the other detail of the signal. He stood with excitement and bent forward to see it closely. As protocol demanded he sent back the message into space. He informed his seniors and all discussed the message whole night.
The same atmosphere was at India's space center. People were talking about Sanskrit and OM. This matter was handled by Shivan.
Shivan received a call from NASA to provide an authentic interpretation of the Sanskrit message. Shivan did not require an expert opinion he answered, "The Sanskrit part contains the Gayatri mantra and the universal primitive sound OM. The messages conveyed the exact locations of the planets.
The people of Sulok were more happy and excited. For them, this was an emotional issue.


Mangalika had liked Raju. It had been a thrilling experience talking with him. She missed him and wanted to see him again. This was not a difficult task. If Raju was working on his computer or watching his smart tv, she could see him. She sat on his powerful computer, which was connected with the space communication system. It could enter the earth's internet system. Mangalika tried to establish contact with the smart tv at Raju's place. It took some time. She activated the TV's camera. Raju was playing a game on it.
All of a sudden tv screen went blank and then Mangalika appeared on the screen.
Raju was surprised.
Mangalika used a translating device for converting Sanskrit into English.
She asked Raju, "How are you Raju.?"
Raju said, "I am fine, but I don't want to talk to you."
She asked, "Why don't you like to talk with me?"
Raju replied, "You are a hacker or spyware."
"Who told you?"Mangalika asked.
"My father told me."
Mangalika said, "I may be a hacker, but I will never harm you."
Raju asked, "Then which data did you try to steal from my father's laptop."
Mangalika laughed, "I wanted to learn the configuration of the computers on earth."
When Mangalika laughed, she looked more charming.
Raju laughed and said, "What do you mean by the computers on earth? You seem to play too many computer games about aliens.
Mangalika said to Raju, "If you keep secret I will tell you my top secret."
Raju's curiosity increased.
He said, "Tell me your secret. I will keep it a secret."Mangalika said, "For people of the earth I am an alien."
Raju asked, "What do you mean?"
Mangalika replied, "I don't belong to the earth. I am from a planet Sulok and I am chatting with you from my planet."
Before Raju could react, his mother came there.
Mangalika went offline.


Raju and Mangalika became friends. Often she chatted with Raju and helped with his studies. He received excellent marks in the examinations.
Mangalika searçhed for holy books, according to the description told by the King of Sulok on the earth's internet. She searched on Google. Those books were 4 Vedas. She could download them. She was very happy.
She printed them and made the books and presented them to the King. The King became extremely happy.

Scientists of Sulok continued chatting with the scientists of America and India. They expressed their desire and intention to come to the earth and they wanted to land in India the land of their forefathers. They sought guidance to reach and safely land on earth.
In a few months, Sulok's new earth speçific space vehicle became ready.
Finally, a day was fixed for the aliens' arrival. Their arrival was a big event for the whole world. Sulok's space vehicle could function like an airplane. It was made to land at Tirupati airport. A total of 11 aliens had come. Mangalika was the group leader.
When they were presented before the public, the whole world was surprised that they looked like humans and spoke Sanskrit It was a big question in every body's mind how could they speak fluent Sanskrit. Mangalika waved towards a TV camera Shouting, "Namaste Raju." Raju was glad to hear this. He was watching a TV program about Mangalika and his group, which was titled The Native Aliens. He hoped to see her in person.
The Native aliens returned to their planet Sulok after passing three weeks on earth. Mangalika could not meet Raju but she has promised that next time when she comes to earth she will visit Raju’s house.

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