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by Shamus
Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Erotica · #2216261
The end is in sight!
The enlightened Vicar has now joined my parents in being a nudist without any inhibitions! He has convinced his wife and teenage children that being naked is a gift from God and one should enjoy the sensations of being clothes free. He could often be seen picking daisies in the graveyard, naked as the day he was born! I think it was the verger who reminded him that there were a great number of parishioners who frowned on nudity and urged him to dress accordingly. Mind you, I do believe a number of his parish were keen to join him by suggesting they form a nudist club and meet in the Village Hall!

It was the hot summer that sparked off the village to become a haven for nudists. The Parish Council Chairman's wife started it all by walking down to the Rectory wearing only a very brief pair of net knickers and had applied red rouge to her ample breasted nipples. One old pensioner walking with a stick had watched her and quickly unzipped his trouser fly and began to openly jerk his limp penis into life! Other parishioners also had taken to wearing brief costumes. One was wearing a string bikini. Nothing else just string! She was shapely and the string did little to stop her body jiggling about as he walked. One couple, worse for wear through drink was walking down the lane, completely naked. He had an erect penis and she was holding it as they walked.

My parents automatically thought they had started this craze and every time they went out into the village they wore just brief shorts and halter tops. The weather helped those who wanted to go about naked. Our neighbour who was a keep-fit fanatic insisted on showing his naked body whilst doing his exercises on his front lawn joined by a friendly female who enjoyed being naked with him and kept asking him for a sexual experience!

By this time I had been joined by a girl-friend who I had met at the nudist club and she too liked going about naked.
Libby was a gorgeous girl with a superb body that literally screamed out to be raped. Every time I looked at her whether dressed in brief clothes or naked, I would get an enormous erection. The trouble was that she liked sex and couldn't get enough of my cock. If she had her way, she would be astride my cock and sliding her body up and down its shaft all day and every day! Even better for her would be if we had an audience. She revelled in posing her body to ensure any male who happened to be passing would get an instant hard-on!

The last I heard of her that she had been gang-raped and was now pregnant with twins!
One rule I always followed. Wear a rubber! The trouble with all this passion for nakedness was that whenever I went out for a walk I would be accosted by naked women of all ages wanting to know if I had the time? At the same time, they would be eyeing my penis and licking their lips!

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