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What's worse than biting into an apple and finding a worm?
Once upon a time, a little fruit fly went looping and swooping through the apple orchard. She found a likely looking blossom and laid an egg in exactly the right spot. The blossom turned into a bud, the bud became an apple, and the egg remained hidden safely inside.

The apple grew and the egg hatched into a little green worm. The apple got bigger and riper while the worm chewed and swallowed, and worked his way out. The tree branch waved in the breeze and the ripe red apple flashed in the sun. A hungry hawk spied the apple, bit off a big chunk, and swallowed it whole - with the little green worm still inside!

The hawk flew high into the air as the worm finally emerged. He was out of the apple, but inside the hawk! Confused by the unexpected darkness, the little green worm crawled to the 'exit' and poked his head out. "Whoa!" He exclaimed, turning to address the hawk. "How high are we?"

"Oh, about half a mile," replied the surprised hawk, who hadn't expected a conversation at that altitude.

"Really?" Asked the worm. "You wouldn't shit a guy now, would you?"

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