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by D.B.
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The Universe can be so literal
A few days ago my husband was on his daily walk around the neighborhood and spotted a peculiar sight. On the ground in front

of him on one of the streets was a fork, laying beside a couple of leaves. Sometimes he will see pleasant sights like neighborhood cats,

seasonally decorated houses and maybe a penny or two that someone had dropped. But on that day he saw a fork and took a

picture of it. When he came back from that walk and showed me the picture of the fork I was amused because it was such a simple

and odd thing at the same time.

But then I thought about it. What does the fork in the road really mean? With all that is going on in the world, symbolism can

mean more in these times than it used to. And I am a person who believes not only in the symbolism in dreams but of waking life too

For we are in a physical dream. This is not to say life isn't real, but just as the dream state is real while we are experiencing it, this

reality is the only reality we know while we are experiencing it. So symbolism can happen in everyday experiences, in fact it

happens all the time. Such is the fork in the road. I believe it was showing my husband there a couple of different directions he

could take at any given time, but I believe it has a Universal meaning as well. We are now living in a moment where the whole world

has turned upside down. What direction will we take?

It is an opportunity to take a direction that is a positive one. For we can all pause and look inside ourselves and really ask the

questions of how we got to this place. The viral pandemic can be an opportunity for spiritual growth, Yes, it has brought a lot of

sadness and turmoil and upheaval. But it can also bring some good. It can cause us to slow down and see what direction we need to

go to change the course of where the earth is heading, because the way humankind is treating each other and the earth is just not

cutting it. Maybe it can make us realize what is truly important in life and not take so much for granted. I try to do that and others do

too but it seems to take something like this to make us fully realize it. So let's use this opportunity, this time to slow the world down

and look at what the earth really needs to heal besides the virus. Let's look at that fork in the road and take the right path, the one

that leads to health and harmony of the earth and all who live on it.

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