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We used to post on a different wall
Today we use smart phones to help 'pass' the time, but we used to post on a different wall. There were similarities though, since people change less than technology does. There have always been trolls with their invitations to perform unlikely acts of self-abuse, and writing a 'good-time' girl's name above the urinal could be considered a form of revenge porn. Some of the 'posts' were better than others and some were actually funny. For example:

Here I sit all broken-hearted
tried to shit but only farted

Or:          "Sharon is just givin' it away    555 -1324"

I saw one of my favorites in a stall at the dorm when I was in college:

"Flush twice, it's a long way to the cafeteria"

One of the best was this bit of doggerel passed down from my Dad:

Those who write on bathroom walls
should roll their shit in little balls.
Those who read these lines of wit
should eat those little balls of shit.

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