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Rated: E · Short Story · Adult · #2216672
About a good witch that helps save the world.

         Elena, (who is thirty and has long blonde hair with blue eyes), is a good witch. She’s very powerful too. She lives in a log cabin in a forest in Montana.

“Well Midnight, I wonder what spells I could make to help save our world,” said Elena to her cat Midnight.

“Hmm...what shall I think of first? How about a spell to cure the corona virus? I’ll freeze the world first. Then, I’ll use the two medicines they mentioned on the news plus every herb known to mankind. The herbs will eliminate it and so will vitamins that help raise the immune system, such as vitamin c. So, I’ll add herbs such as feverfew, echinacea, garlic and ginger. Those will be the main ones. I’ll mix it altogether and will freeze the world and will give everyone a shot. I’ll create angelic faeries to do the work for me first. How does that sound midnight?” said Elena.

         Elena made the potion vaccine spell for the corona virus elimination. She then created the angelic faeries. She sent all of them out to give every human a shot.

“What else should I create and for what Midnight? I’ll make another one for the common cold, every flu, all known cancers and all mental illnesses,” said Elena.

Here’s a list of spells for each one Elena mentioned and what she put into each spell to make it:

Common cold: echinacea, vitamin c, zinc and healing magic.

Every flu: vitamin c, every herb known to mankind and healing magic.

All known cancers: Vitamin c, cloves, wormwood, every herb known to mankind and healing magic.

Mental illnesses: All herbs known to mankind and healing magic.

         After Elena was done creating all of her spells, she created 100 billion angelic faeries to give everyone a shot of all of the spells potions on the world. After the world was unfrozen by Elena, everyone at every hospital and doctors office and home were cured. The world was healed of almost all diseases and illnesses thanks to Elena.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2216672