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2020.A story in the 1800 til 2020

​​ The prodigal son comes back home and is on his journey to be an upstanding member of the community
​​ This story is set in the 1800’s in the old west in a town called Jewson
​​There was a sheriff who needed a deputy to help him. His son James could do it. No. boy said Sherriff Johnston I would have to train you so what’s wrong with that? I don’t want you getting hurt. Oh Pa
​​ “I’m almost 18 years old. My rules are my rules boy. I’m asking for a chance no more stealing?
​​And getting in trouble. No Pop! I swear,” John lights a cigarette.
​​ “why do you smoke? boy,” Pa says.
​​ “I don’t know. All the kids, do that,”
​​ “What would your ma say?”
​​ “I just came home from the Stern orphanage. it is run by the Sister’s of the Cross,” John says.
​​ “You know, they were strict. I got a whipping with a branch, every day. And the priest started preaching at me,” John says.
​​ “Did you heed his preaching?”
​​ “Oh Pop! what good is that going to do me?”
​​ “Nothing wrong with a good sermon. I’m Sherriff George John Johnston and your ma and I married in the little church called Christ is Risen. Oh did we have some good sermons there.
​​You’re too religious father quotes a bible verse,”
​​ “Awe, pop. You read me that every morning. I know John 3:16 by heart, John says.
​​ “What else? Did you learn at that orphanage?” how to sing in a choir and I hate singing. Were the meals good? Morning was oatmeal for breakfast lunch soup of the day which was chicken and noodle soup and we had to kill the chickens. I couldn’t look pa the chicken ran around after its head was cut off and blood shot out. Then we’d have to pluck the feathers off and clean it. So did it make a young man out of you? I’m not sure Pop and how was your schooling? I’m still in grade 1 well you shouldn’t have skipped school boy I told ya. Well I’ll enroll you in summer school Awe father I’ll be the oldest one in the school
​​What about Mary Hanta? What about Mary she can’t read neither but no flirting with her I mean it Jonathon. Johnny let’s go the school to the school Miss Wallis has offered to teach you both for free.
​​Miss Wallis was a woman about age 24 years old. Hello Jonathon I’m Miss Wallis I’ll tutor you but you and you young lady have to be serious I went to teacher’s college and just graduated.Ok Madame Call me Miss Jane. So Mary now it’s your turn what schooling do you have? Well Madame please call me Miss Jane, I never had no schooling my father is sick with a mental illness called the name depression
​​He has been unwell for years. They call it the blues but he is seeing things and hearing voices. They think he is possessed. There are things that frighten me about him. The priest is afraid of this. He needs a priest to remove the curse. They say he has to have a priest cast the evil spirit out of him. Reverend Clarkson a Catholic priest with a string of rosary beads and some holy water. You are to be gone evil spirit go I command you out of his body and soul I command you out. He is well again he just needs rest. Reverend Todd Good chants in a Latin language and tongues only he can hear. So he was then taken away to the asylum and tied down and put in a room which had only one mat. The nuns had not found out about what he had and he hung himself in his small room.
​​Years later it would come to pass and success would come about by the hard work and expertise of many skilled Doctors.
​​.Mary I blamed myself for my father’s death because I called him crazy. He also suffered a stroke prior to
​​His death and I never took him for treatment. Well don’t blame yourself Miss Mary. You’re a child I had to give him pills but I couldn’t read neither. I’m grateful for this opportunity to your dad Johnny Oh I’ll tell him would you like to walk home with me? My stepmom is coming to look after me she is nicer than my own mother was she was very strict and shouldn’t have had children. She had suffered with a nervous breakdown and couldn’t look after me. So she divorced dad and left us when I was just a baby. Dad couldn’t reach her she wouldn’t wash clothes in the washboard and cook for him as the anxiety was likened to a heart attack.
​​So she was a shut in and dad and I had to do them chores then she was with child only one pound a bit of a thing born in hospital and stayed two months and was in what they called an incubator. So dad knew a nurse she was Mrs. Adel Nora Laidlaw she took special care of my baby brother who mama and poppa called Nathan. He was what they considered a miracle baby. Mom had a rejection of the baby which was later known as post partum depression. It would be discovered later after birth a woman’s what they call hormones are out of whack. So many women try to kill themselves and their babies. Dr.Freemand would discover a drug called serotonin. It was discovered that shock treatments could be used for bi polar depression even though it could affect the patient’s memory. They were given Lithium treatments and locked away in hospitals.
​​There have been advancements in treatment for mental illness. There is one on one counseling and more psycho therapy and support groups. Also there is more support organizations possibly now then there were in the time of any stories written much earlier on. Most people thought that you very possessed and if you had epilepsy it was part of a demon. But now many people and psychiatrists
​​Have found it is a chemical imbalance or in the case of Schizophrenia too much dopamine.
​​ People with Schizophrenia are usually showing systems in their early teens. Also taking drugs can lead to symptoms of Schizophrenia also voices are heard sometimes male or female voices telling the person they are worthless. Hallucinations can also be seen. Catatonic .symptoms are also felt. Where the body seizes up it is now called drifting by doctors and
​​ There is now the Covid 19 virus which in other years they probably had the Spanish flu and bubonic plague.
​​ With this new virus the highest cases are in Italy
​​ recommendations are don’t touch your face
​​ wash your hands maintain your distances
​​ remain six feet away from each other wear a mask stay in. Many people are in huge panic and employees wonder how they are going to survive and whether
​​ they will be able to collect their benefits.
​​ Daycares are also closing
​​ no visits to nursing homes if you’re sick.
​​ Now no flights are going in our out of the countries which are being affected.
​​ Places like high schools and universities are being closed for now.
​​ People are urged to not come down to the Employment and income assistance offices to use any emails not leave any messages. There is a email that was read by my worker but so fast I can’t copy it down.
​​ So if people lived back where my story originates there would have even been more deaths.
​​ Some how the people managed as we as a people will do so as well.
​​ People are scared of the virus but the right now want to contain it as much as they can stores are limited how much supplies they will ne allowing to be able to be purchased at a time.
​​ Look after you’re own mental needs see the doctor if you need to.
​​ Movie theatres are also closed and unfortunately business get fined.
​​ There is limiting using transportation services going to any clinics that are being set up.
​​ Be aware that wait times for medical health lines may be as high as two hours.
​​ Don’t be offended this virus will eventually slow down and have faith in communities
​​ to be able to come together and eradicate the spread of the virus.
​​ Newspapers are doing their part by making news available on line.
​​ This includes radio and television updates.
​​ People are infected will have to self isolate themselves and their families for a period of fourteen days.
​​ Monique and Robby had mental illness and couldn’t cope with the closure of many restaurants being closed it with still having be bugs and cockroaches Monique had a melt down yesterday they called a help line for depression and other situations like depression and schizophrenia
​​ it was just the closed in feeling and lack of money happening month to month which was around 85.00.
​​ Also not being able to go to certain places with a lot of people and having Gallbladder and a drifting eye.
​​ The elderly also have to watch their health. Robbie couldn’t even go and see his mental health worker for a while.
​​ Because they are limiting the amount of people coming into their facility. Monique feels better today if she doesn’t feel better she will have to see her doctor or a trained specialist.
​​ The weather has been colder even though it is the first day of spring this March 20, 2020.
​​ Recommendations for this Corona Virus are don’t touch your face wash your hands often
​​ stay about 7 feet away from others.
​​ Staying safe at night in the city.
​​ it can be hard to get around in any time of year. People should watch out for themselves especially if you have a disability take self defense if getting into cab and something doesn’t seem right trust your instincts. Maybe go with a friend or family member or buy a personal alarm
​​ or have the police tell you safety tips. Because your family and friends would miss you if anything serious should happen.
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