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A young girl's kite gets stuck in her neighbour's tree and tries to secretly get it back.
Ten year old Kelly Watson was playing in her backyard with her favourite kite when a sudden large gust of wind caused it to come free of her grip before crashing landing in her neighbour's rather tall tree.

The young girl realised that she couldn't ask for the kite to be return as this was the second time in three days it had ended up in the tree.

She then noticed a rather small hole in the fence and realised that she could use it to sneak into the garden and retrieve her kite with no one noticing.

Kelly climbed through the hole,which was a bit of a tight squeeze and was soon in the garden.
The young girl then began climbing the tree and was soon near the very top when she noticed her kite was at the end of a branch.

She then went across the branch,which made creaking sounds as she did before finally retrieving her beloved kite.

Kelly was about to begin climbing back down when the branch suddenly broke as she fell for a few seconds before realising that her dress was caught on the broken branch.
The young girl thought about remove her dress from the branch but realised that she would fall and came to the conclusion that she was in fact stuck and called her mom,who quickly came running.

Her mom saw her and quickly grabbed the ladder and was quickly able to rescue her daughter before telling that she could have retrieved the kite for her since the neighbour wasn't at home for the next few days.

Kelly then realised how silly she had been as she went inside the house to have some juice and biscuits with her mother.
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