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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Experience · #2217483
The immigration process is most often both complex and long.
"Nazim Molikaned, I am sorry to say that your immigration request has been refused again, you should leave the territory in one month", Karla says.
"What can I do now? I have been here for ten years and I am married to Nancy who is an original citizen and we have a daughter Nermine," Nazim asks the immigration officer.
"Your request has been submitted automatically to an independent immigration lawyer, you should reach him in one year and here are his references," Karla says.

"One year? I should leave first you mean? "Nazim asks again.
"Unfortunately, yes or otherwise you will be expulsed from here and never be able to return," Karla responds.

Nazim is a man of forty. He is tall and has a fair complexion, chestnut hair, and hazel eyes.
His eyes bear both a great melancholy and a wave of anger. Nazim is a generous person and very tender. He is very sensitive and extroverted. When something upsets him he becomes very nervous and reacts vigorously. He arrives here and in his spirit a huge amount of dreams. But now they all fall apart.

Nazim decides to do the last walk in the great natural park of the capital.
When first he arrived here he felt in love with this country. Henceforth, it becomes his second home. He does not believe that he should leave it, it is all his life.
All memories are released. He remembers when he first left his home.
"My son Nazim can you bring me a fur coat from there?" His mother said.
One month later she died from a serious cardiac insufficiency at the age of eighty. Then, Nazim left his country home forever.
In the park Nazim is sitting down, in front of a lake, a shiny sunset catches the eyes of any passenger. Many birds surround the lake. Some geese are about to leave in groups. It is October, time for geese to immigrate. He contemplates them for a moment for understanding that he is like these geese that have no place. In summer geese live here and in winter they live there without any visa.
"I have no more place here in this host country and there in my home that I have already left", he tells to himself.

Nancy is aware that Nazim should leave but she decides to leave with him.
Nazim says, "you should stay here because my financial state there is weak".

"I will return home and see what I can do there with this money and I have let you the two-third of the rest of my money here," Nazim responds.
She tries to convince him in vain.
"Dad, why can't you stay with us?" Nermine asks.
"I should visit my home there. I promise you to be together again", he responds.

Nazim leaves this host country and his heart is tiring apart.
Carlos a friend to him says, "Why don't you come with me to my home"?
"No, I want to be at home for a while. I miss my siblings a lot," Nazim responds.
"When we both first arrived here we were poor and we worked hard for ten years. However and even though we both meet this cruel fate," Nazim says.
"This country wants a new wealthy immigrant generation. We are considered as just parasites", Carlos responds.

Nazim arrives at home yet.
"I miss you a lot my dear brother," Nesrine says when hugging Nazim warmly.
"Mustapha, come to me, my little brother, I miss you a lot", Nazim says.
Nesrine is two years younger than Nazim and Mustapha is three years younger than Nazim.
Nazim takes a rest in this humble house.
Mahmoud his big brother enters late the night.
Mahmoud is tall and has a fair complexion. His hair and eyes are black. He gets a great mustache. His features mark both suffering and severity. Mahmoud is a rigorous, strict and proud man. Being the oldest one, he bears family responsibility very young yet. With the age of fifty, he becomes a hard man.
It is Friday; Nazim wakes up and takes his first breakfast with his siblings.
"I miss the home tea a lot," Nazim says.
Eyes in eyes with his brother Mahmoud, Nazim is astonished how can Mahmoud be silent and does not welcome him.
"Why did you return home?" Mahmoud says with anger to Nazim.
"I missed you all," Nazim responds with hesitation.
"You have no more place among us, in your family and your country home," Mahmoud responds rudely.
Nesrine and Mustapha react spontaneously against Mahmoud.
Nazim takes his bag and wants to leave home when Nesrine comes quickly grabs his arm and says, " Nazim this is your home, our home" .

Every day when Mahmoud comes home he shouts to Nazim.
"You should go back and return to that country where you were. You will earn hardly your life here", he says again.
Nesrine and Mustapha stay with them to appease the atmosphere.
"I have some money and I can help you here," Nazim says.
"We do not need your money, thanks to LORD, I work as a taxi driver the night and the day I work as an officer in the municipality", Mahmoud responds.
"Like this, I support my wife, my two children and help Nesrine and Mustapha to pursue studies in the capital," he adds.
"I work as a tourist guide at the museum too. Also, I pursue medical studies there", Nesrine adds.
"I work as a cashier at a supermarket there too, I pursue financial studies", Mustapha says.
"What are you going to do here?" Mahmoud asks again
"Nazim is angry and keeps silent. Then he adds, "You hate me I know".
"Ten years ago, when we needed you, you went like a selfish and now you return to disturb our life." Mahmoud adds.
Nazim leaves his home and goes to the capital.

He has been considered as both a stranger and a spy because he has been abroad. So he has been marginalized and it has been hard for him to find a job. He stays jobless for a while when one day his brother Mahmoud comes and apologizes. He presents to him a friend that works there. This latter finds him a job as an officer in the national custom. Then, Nazim earns a lot of money. He builds a little immovable project and after two years he becomes wealthy.

"Hi! Nazim!" Carlos says when reaching Nazim by phone.
"Hi! Carlos! How are you?" Nazim responds.

"I am fine. Thank you! I have good news. The immigration lawyer has sent me the immigration agreement and I will return there. He has also sent you yours in your e-mail. We are pleased to return to the host country to get our official documents and stay there," Carlos says.
Guess what? "The agreement concerning our stay has been signed the day of our departure on the 25th October and our immigrant status had been established ten years before by the immigration department. However it has been declared and delivered to the lawyer just recently", Carlos adds.

"It is ridiculous. They dare to respond after two years.
"It is hard for me to be again there. Indeed I couldn't imagine be treating like this and kicking out of that host country without any mercy. That is after being there for ten years and considering that country as my second country home and paying a colossal amount of money for the immigration process. I will never return there. I can never surpass this," he adds.

"We will immigrate to another country, my wife, my daughter and I. We will leave for the new host country next month. Also, I will come home most often to pursue my business here. I invite you to come to my home", Nazim replies.

"This new host country will be my second home. I am sure I will be welcomed there", he says.

Carlos responds, "Ok! My friend, I will come to your home with pleasure and we will be in constant touch overall".

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