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Your world.
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
let it be the way it is,
and let the words of water flow down the stream,
around the boulders, beside the fish,
and don't try to control what you cannot.
Let words act the way they wish,
but bad words do not personify you.

Those who speak are the personifications of their own words, the words they
eat without stopping to take a sip of water to
calm themselves,
or even a sip of juice to stop the sour taste in their mouths.

In a solid world like this,
not everyone wants to be as serious as others are.
Everyone is not just a group, gathered and called fish.
They are not different species either
they are individuals that hold their own soul.
That care for their own spirit,
and live the way they want to, whether their friends is like
so or not.

In a solid world like this, not everyone wants
to be serious, so they joke,
make puns,
create little stories to strike up
thoughts and little question to keep people
dreaming as they stand
not asleep.

One does not have to keep one consistent personality at a
It's normal to change,
and since it's normal, it's okay, we think.
It's normal, so it's okay, nothing to
worry, worry, worry at all.

Relax that frown,
smile a little more, you'll get more positive reactions
Frowning makes a shield for your eyes,
not allowing others to see if they
will feel comfortable around you or not.
They are unsure if the chest will hold treasures or dust.
Smile, make your chest
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