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Track One, Haunted
I thought you should know
Daddy died today
He closed his eyes and he left here
At 12:03
He sends his love
He wanted you to know
He isn't holding a grudge
And if you are you should let go
Pick up, pick up please...

The line clicked on.

"Hello, is that you?"

I take a deep breath, the mucous almost catching in my throat. "Yeah, Mom, it's me."

"What's going on? Are you OK?"

"I'm fine," I breathe, in almost a whisper.

"What's wrong? Why are you upset?"

I brace myself, about ready to bring it home.

"Dad came through here today," I gasp, yet holding my breath, not knowing how to speak.

"Did he? And?"

"He's dead," I blurt out, tears and snot pouring from my face.

There's a long pause, as I wait for something I know I'll never get.

"OK. Thanks for letting me know."

The line clicked off, and I look back at the emergency ward I'm supposed to be running, overrun with pandemic victims.

My dad just died, in my care...

I steel myself...

Mental note, He died today...
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