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April 2nd Writer's Cramp Prompt
New Prompt: Use as your title: I never be clever
and in your story you have to use:
no planes in the sky to be seen
Intercity to France

(142 words, 24 lines)

I never be clever
By: Lisa M. Gordier
(April 2, 2020)

In the scheme of things
I will never be clever
wishing a talent to be
that was never there

I wish to fly like the birds
but only planes will carry me
and today even they are scarce
there are no planes in the sky to be seen

The engines have rusted
from long neglect
along with the rest of the world
lonely and forgotten

Today I wish to leave by way of
the intercity to France
A long lonely path
trudged by many before

An impossible weight on my shoulders
as I sit and ponder
lost loves and friends
gone to worlds beyond

As the day passes by
the world slips into darkness
and once again I realize
I will never be clever
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