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Time to Reconnect
I never - Be Clever

It seems impossible for the inner city. Birds flocking in the sky overhead. No planes in the sky to be seen. Impossible I think again.

I walk to the Intercity to France. The rail station is closed. Trains are not running. Impossible. But I am clever, I say. I can do this. I can conquer my fear. I can walk.

So I walk. I walk in the deserted city. I walk among the birds and the trash. Along the Seine I see another person, on the other side of the river. Far enough away to be safe. We wave to each other. Then we walk in opposite directions.

I need to get to the hotel. I will never get there, it seems. The day is getting late. But I am clever, I will get there.

Stars are in the sky, the moon is overhead and I reach the hotel steps. There is no doorman. The doors are open and I walk inside to a deserted building. I have my choice of rooms and I choose a room with the highest number.

I see no other people in the hotel. Could I be the only person in this entire building? The elevator is out of order, so I take the stairs for all ten flights. The room I chose is the penthouse. I am clever. Good choice. This hotel still uses actual keys, not electronic cards, so I was able to walk into the most wonderful five room suite in the world.

Now I am standing on the balcony watching falling stars in the sky over a silent city. As I watch, I see small points of light all over the city. There were many other people out there.

In the morning I set out to find where these other people might be. It is time to reconnect.

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