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What is true?
Truth To Be Told

If anything should be realized
it is that no one holds the truth

Truth is the core of every lie
that has been told

We refuse truth
for it shatters everything
that we believe.

We refuse time,
for time is the saddened truth.

The things we had becomes void with time,
and we cannot escape it.

Death is the painful truth
and we disregard it,
it is hard to take in.

Beautiful things always
fade in the hands of those
who carry darkness
in their souls.

No one truly understands someone
for their view blocks empathy,
no one really accepts that
they do not understand the mania
behind a person.

The truth is life is full of lies,
the alibi that we have formulated
frees us from it,
but it does not mean that it
is no longer a lie.

We mold our own truth
into a reality that will fit us.

The lies of our own truth
is our reality.

A beautiful mask
that hides lightless life.

It lurks in the darkness
and we shove light to it,
to house its genuineness
with our corrupted arguments.
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