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Winner of 05/04/20 Writer's Cramp contest
Day 1 of isolation

This is going to be great! Already today I feel so much more relaxed, no more getting up early for college, no more alarms and no more stressful lessons! So today, I woke up late at 10am, and lazed in bed reading the final few chapters of my book. Just as I thought, the husband was the culprit- I'm a genius! Afterwards, I jumped to my desk, still in my pajamas of course, to attend my first online lesson. It was great seeing everyone, even if it was virtual, and I took plenty of notes on Crace's Harvest. Such as Walter's scapegoating of Beldam, also known as our class' favourite character.
Time for lunch! I ate a delicious jacket potato, even taking the simple joy of cooking my own lunch whenever I want is fun. Then, I figured it wouldn't hurt to skip my second and final online lesson of the day especially as it's easy enough to catch-up later, so I relaxed and did a puzzle.

Day 8

Waking up early is great! I had time for an early morning run, or, some may say, a marathon. Well, some wouldn't as it was only 10km, but every little helps. Anyways that was fun, but I need to improve as it took too much time! Aiming to get under 40 minutes by the time isolation is up!
The rest of the day was good, I'm missing college and the highlight was definitely my online lessons. I attended all of them early and carried on doing the work long after the video call was up.

Day 18

My early-morning run was absolutely amazing! Finished by 8am! Look at me go! Yet, after this I had the rest of the day to waste. I decided to sneak off to the shops for some ingredients, yes, yes I know I'm only allowed out once but I went out super early for my run and saw no one. So, does that actually count? Besides, I didn't have any online lessons today so I needed something to keep me occupied and not obsessing over why I was locked up! What's it to you? Sue me!
Once I'd bought the ingredients I baked banana bread.

Day 30

I am SO BORED! There's too much time in a day! I'm still running as it's still something to do. Lessons are still a highlight of my day, but it's a struggle now exams are cancelled and no one knows what will happen next. I just want to go back to college.

Day 55

On a positive note, my running is fabulous. Reader, have you seen High School Musical? Please read FABULOUS like Sharpay says it. Yes, that is how bored I am. Even recording this isolation has me bored. I know it's good and I don't want to complain, but I'm still so bored.

Day 67

We played monopoly for the 14th time in the past 2 weeks! Guess what?! I'm yet to win ONE GAME! This is just unfair!

Day 75

Alright, I don't know why I'm inside as the isolation was lifted at day 67, I cheered- A LOT- as did the rest of the country! I'd honestly say it's up there with one of the best days of my life. The virus going and us going out to play. Great fun! But now, you might be wondering why I'm back inside, it's midnight. Unfortunately, I can't be outside every moment of every day, although I do want to make the most of my new found freedom! Maybe tomorrow I'll go camping in the Pennines?

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