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Rated: E · Poetry · Children's · #2218494
I imagine a little girl thinking about the things she likes best. Reviews requested. .
The Things I Like

I like to walk down Cheshire Lane
In bright sunshine and in the rain
And when the geese fly overhead;
Please birds, do not poop on my head.

I like to look up in the sky
And watch the clouds drift slowly by
And watch the airplanes fly right through
Big puffy clouds of whitish hue.

I like the feel of bright sunshine
But when on ice cream cone I dine
My ice cream might slip off and drop
And on the sidewalk then go "plop."

I like to see a smile on
My pussycat who lies upon
Soft leaves beneath a flowered vine
exactly where the sun will shine.

I like the sound of his soft purr
When sun shines down on his warm fur;
I know his smile when he looks up
At me as if to ask, "What's up?"

I like the feeling on my face
Of wind when I am in a race;
And when the breeze blows in my hair
And makes it frizz and I don't care.

I like to hold hands with my friend;
I hope my friendships never end.
How wonderful it is for me
To have this loving company!

I like so many things I see
But most of all, just being me.
How great it is that I can be
A happy, grateful kid like me!
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