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Analysis of 1 mill hands (7 card Texas Hold'em) dealt to 10 players (10 x 100,000 hands)
The purpose of the analysis was to establish rankings and relative merits of the 169 possible hole cards (pocket cards) in 7 card Texas Hold'em.

A computer program was used to generate 100,000 random deals to ten players. Betting and folding was prohibited and each hand was played to conclusion.

Noted were:
Number of times each two-card combination was dealt to each player.
Whether the hand dealt won.
The percentage of winning hole cards of any combination in each hand.

As expected the top pairs and top linked suited hole cards performed best.

AA total number of times dealt 4572 (0.46%). Won 1513 hands (33.1%)
KK total number of times dealt 4517 (0.45%). Won 1195 hands (26. 5%)
QQ total number of times dealt 4450 (0.45%). Won 991 hands (22.3%)
JJ total number of times dealt 4565 (0.46%). won 941 hands (20.6%)

AKs total number of times dealt 2971 (0.3%) Won 640 hands (21.5%)
AQs total number of times dealt 3000 (0.3%) Won 630 hands (21.0%)
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