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An article about writing during a difficult time...
Ever since I was young, I have always wanted to be recognized for my writing; Even at school I would practice my craft. I still do today, although I have to encounter some interruptions. Now, if any of you are reading this, we are still in the middle of a pandemic caused by COVID-19, with no clear indication of when or if it would ever end.
But I have faith that something such as a pandemic would not last very long-in fact, I wanted it to be as short-lived as possible, so much so that I would very much like to go back to what I enjoy the very most, such as volunteer work as well as my day-to-day job as a food service worker at Sodexo for ServiceSource. I had been furloughed by that job due to the pandemic, and I would not be able to go back to work until at least July 30th, unless something changes in the furlough. In the meantime, this has given me somewhat ultra time to catch up on what I would like to write, and that happens to be something that I little time for during my time as a food service worker.

Anyway, while I put my time on writing what I would like to write, I began to think about how other writers like you are handling this: Writing and coming up with ideas for your writing during the pandemic. Well, let me tell you: It is not always easy to come up with good ideas, in fact, ANY good idea at this time, especially at such a time like this. But that is OK; If you do not want to feel like writing, fine. Just take a break, take a walk, watch TV or even read a book. When you are finally ready to return to writing (after coming up with a good idea, of course), then you sit your buns down and type your little heart out! I know that you've got this!
Meanwhile, readers would surely want to have a very good escape from absolutely nothing but news in recent days; so it is up to us writers to rack our brains to come up with as good an idea as possible, and then jot it all down so that readers, who just can't wait to see what we have written, can gaze their eyes on the beautiful words that we have written. I also think that writing during such a time like this helps us relieve our stress, while at the same time become ready for what we can do next.
For those of you who are just beginning to become writers yourselves, I ask that you please take these kinds of advice to heart, even during this time; And yes, practice would surely make perfect, and a lot of practice makes a perfect writer!
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