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Here's chapter 7 from Another Small Bang, that will bring everyone plenty of good laughs
Little Henry's Namesake

         It was first break at the Widget factory and little Henry was already seated in the break room chowing down on a breakfast combination of hot oatmeal and bread butter pickles. The rest of the Widget factory employees gave little Henry a wide birth as they filed into the break room. Stinky however sat down at the table directly across from little Henry and said, "Why are you eating old people's food Henry?" Little Henry looked up after swallowing a mouth full of oatmeal and said, "I like this type of food Stinky, and I'm not old." Stinky just shook and snatched up a bread & butter pickle up and threw it into his mouth. Little Henry yelled, "Keep your dirty hands out of my pickle jar Stinky!"

         Next Stevie sat down throwing a big box containing a 3 in 1 indoor grill on the table in front of little Henry and Stinky. Stinky looked at the grill and said, "Is this what you won for getting 40% of the questions correct and winning trivia Thursday today?" Stevie smiled and said "Yup, and 40% was a better score then the rest of you all got right on the trivia test today." Little Henry said, "But that test today was on the solar system, and it was hard." Stevie said, "I still got the most correct answers." Stinky said,"All you did Stevie was circle the first multiple choice answer on each question." Stevie said, "And I won!" Stinky said, "I wanted to win too, but Henry kept giggling and repeating the word Uranus."

         After everyone calmed down, Stevie said, "Did you finally get a new dog yesterday Stinky from the doggie jail?" Stinky said, "Yes." Little Henry said, "What's a doggie jail?" Stinky said, "It's the dog pound on the West side of town you pickle head." Little Henry said, "OH." Stinky said, "There's some tough dogs in that doggie jail, with names like Chadwick and Guapo banging on the side of their cages with their food bowls in their mouths. Guapo is also a bonafide escape artist and he has since got loose again in what the doggie jail staff is calling the Big Escape." "What dog did you settle for Stinky?", asked Stevie. Stinky said, "I picked a setter and retriever mix named Sparrow." Stevie said, "That's a weird name." Stinky said, "I agree, which is why I changed my new dog's name to Henry." Little Henry said, "What the.....?"

         After break everyone returned to the floor to resume work. That is everybody but little Henry, who decided to find a little out of the way spot to do some reading. Little Henry's reading choice for today was a new Superman comic book. As little Henry was reading his comic book, he was shaking his head. Stinky noticed little Henry shaking his head over in the corner as he was changing out a worn out old motor, so he wandered on over to find out what was going on.

         Little Henry sensed that someone walking up on him, so he lowered the book. Stinky said, "Why do you keep on shaking your head Henry?" Little Henry said, "This doesn't make any sense." "What?", Stinky said. Little Henry pointed to a picture in his book, and said, "What is this box that Clark Kent goes into on the street to change into his Superman clothes?" Stinky said, "That's a phone booth Henry." Little Henry said, "What's a phone booth, and where are they located? I'll try looking for one, but I've never seen one in the real world." Stinky said, "That's a good question Henry, but don't waste your time looking for one. There aren't any phone booths left in the world anymore since cell phones have taken over. DC Comics might want to think that one over again, because the newer generations have never seen a phone booth." Little Henry said, "Maybe Superman needs to go into a restroom to change his clothes." Stinky smiled and shook his head saying, "Only you could come up with something in your head like that Henry."

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