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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2219292
Chapter Five
It is five o’clock in the morning and I wake up startled. I was screaming and I bolt out of the bed. I am searching for a way out of here and I cannot find an out. I shake my head to clear it. Kane is up and he is on his feet. He quickly steps over to me. He wraps his arms around me and he holds me tight.
What is wrong? What is going on? I had an intense nightmare but I cannot remember what it was about. Whatever the nightmare was about it really spooked me to the point that I was in a panic. I have to go to the bathroom and when I come out, Kane rubs my back which feels really good, and I begin to relax a little. Kane guides me back to the bed and he holds me until I am deeply asleep. I am grateful that Kane is here with me and I feel so safe in his arms.
I wake up and my gray metallic alarm clock says it is seven o’clock in the morning. I feel for Kane who is already up and is somewhere in the apartment. I can hear noises coming from the kitchen area. I climb out of bed and I take a hot shower. I had been sweating all night and it got worse after the nightmare that I still do not remember. After my wonderful shower I walk around looking for Kane. I find the love of my life in the kitchen drinking a cup of dark coffee and baby Zeus is lying in the center of the floor. Kane informs me that Zeus just came in from a pee walk and he does not need to go back out. Zeus is a master of attempting to go back outside at every chance that he can get. Zeus loves being outside and would spend most of his time outside if we would only let him. I bend and pat Zeus who only wags his tail.
I pour myself some coffee and I add very little milk and I add four sugars. I amble over to the kitchen table and I sit across from Kane. I am feeling a little better from the nightmare which frustrates me because I still cannot remember the nightmare. I am not going to let it get the best of me though. I am not as shaky as I once was which is good. I sip the steaming hot coffee and it tastes wonderful and I start to wake up a little.
Kane wants to make me a hot breakfast but I am not very hungry at the moment and I thank Kane but I am fine with just the coffee at the moment. Kane looks at me with questions in his blue eyes. I promise him that I will make something in a little while and this satisfies Kane for the time being. Kane decides to make himself a plain bagel with plain cream cheese. When Kane sits back down at the table Zeus is instantly beside him. Zeus is already getting use to Kane feeding him from the table and I do not approve of this.
I say, “I really wish you didn’t start feeding him from the table. It is not a good idea and I don’t want him begging for food.”
Kane says, “I always feel bad for him because he always looks like he is starving to death. Plus Zeus gives me those big brown eyes that plead with me and I cannot resist those eyes.”
I ask, “Can we please work on this? If you really want to give him some of your meal that’s fine but place it in his food bowl.”
Kane wonders, “Is that what you do?”
I reply, “Yes, it is. I really don’t want Zeus begging for food. It really is not polite.”
Kane smiles and says, “That’s really a good point. I promise to work on this issue. I want Zeus to be a good boy as well.”
I say, “I see Taylor tomorrow.”
Kane says, “That’s good, I am happy to hear that. Is it getting any easier to talk to him?”
I say, “Yes, I am starting to really trust him, and I think he knows this. Plus Zeus plays a huge part in my constant therapy.”
Kane nods his head, “I can see that and I see the bond between you and Zeus growing stronger and stronger as each day passes.”
I say, “Zeus does love you too, Kane.”
Kane says, “I know he loves me too but I am not the top dog in this house. Zeus is a loyal boy and he is faithful too. Zeus is totally in love with you though. His bond is so strong with you.”
I ask, “How do you know this?”
Kane smiles, “I just know. Zeus sees you as his soul mate Jace, you are his mother, and you are his best friend. He is completely devoted to you as you are to him.”
I ask, “You really think so?”
Kane says, “I know so. I can see it in his body language.”
I ask Kane how it is without Hope there at the station and having her not harassing him. Kane says that it is a relief but he cannot wait until I return to work. I cannot wait to return to work either for I really miss all of the excitement. I miss the patients, the action, all of the cases, and I miss my coworkers as well. Yet I will miss being home all day with Zeus but I know this will make our bond even stronger. I will miss my puppy so much but I do have to work as well. I will not let Kane take on the role as bread winner. I am an independent woman and I plan on staying like that.
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