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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2219307
Chapter Ten
The more I think about having children the more I know for a fact that Kane is going to make a phenomenal father. I know I will make a good, compassionate mother but Kane is going to be awesome he will totally blossom in the role of being a father. I see how he is with kids who are on our ambulance, the ones who have suffered or have been abused, and Kane can get these kids to open up without even trying. Kane can be such a big old teddy bear and this thought makes me smile.
I now lay my head on Kane’s chest and he puts an arm around me instinctively. I snuggle closer to Kane. After about forty-five minutes Zeus gives a few howls and yips. Zeus leaps off the bed and he dances around at the foot of the bed. Kane and I look at each other and we change into our street clothes so we can take Zeus outside. We take Zeus to the field and we unhook him. Zeus gallops around, he does his doggie duty, and then Zeus suddenly stops and smells the air and he gives a few growls. What the hell is he doing? Kane turns around and utters a dear God. I turn to see what Kane is commenting on. A woman is standing three feet away from us.
This woman pretends to be passive but when she opens her mouth she shows her real colors, “Nice dog. I would hate to see anything happen to him.”
Kane snaps at the girl as Zeus stands at attention next to me, “We don’t let our dog out without us being here with him.”
I growl at the girl, “Don’t you dare threaten my dog.”
Kane has had it. Kane does not say a word. He pulls out his cellular phone and he places a call. Kane walks away from me and this woman that I assume to be Hope Williams. I thought the police took care of this problem. Zeus glares at Hope and he growls at her and he is bearing his teeth. Hope backs off a little as she commands me to call my dog off. I laugh at the girl. There is no way that I am telling Zeus to relax. I do not know what Hope is capable of and I am not taking any chances here. I wait for Kane to return. I touch Zeus on the head and let him know to stay where he is and Zeus utters a low growl.
I think that Hope is not worth any of this but she is here and she is not helping herself at the moment. Hope does not realize that this is a serious offense and that she is harassing us. The police have already been called once and now they are being called a second time. Hope is digging her own grave at the moment. Hope and I do not say anything to each other but she stares at me with cruel eyes.
Kane rejoins us and he glares at Hope with intense blue eyes. Why is this girl doing this? Is her crush really that bad? Is she trying to intimidate me? I do not get intimidated very easily, I fight back with everything that I have, and I am very determined that I will get my way. I than wonder if this girl psychotic. Is she really crazy? Does she have some sort of mental issues that she has covered up? I look over at Kane for a minute but he is watching Hope’s every move.
Two police cruisers pull up and Hope panics. Hope’s eyes are wide, I know she hates us at the moment, and she makes an attempt to run. The police trap her and Hope screams that she has done nothing wrong but one of the officers states she broke her restraining order and it time to visit the jail. A dark haired officer says to us that she will be brought in front of a judge tomorrow and she will be sentenced from there. I nod my head as the officers take Hope away. Hope is screaming the whole time and Hope is threatening us. Her threats are going to get her into more trouble and in a way I am happy she is pulling this in front of the police.
Kane looks right at me and I see the anger in his eyes, “Nobody threatens my family.”
I glance at Kane and say, “I am happy that you called the police for that girl is not right.”
Kane is agitated, “I know she isn’t. I was trying to tell you that. I just don’t understand why she is so fixated on me.”
I say, “You are an attractive man, sweet, and patient.”
Kane rolls his eyes, “Oh, great.”
I respond, “A lot of people think you are awesome man and they tell me that I am a very lucky woman to have you.”
Kane says, “But all of this makes me a target?”
I sigh, “Maybe to her it does but she fucked with the wrong guy.”
Kane says to me, “You and Zeus are my heart and soul and I was not about to let her torment you guys.”
I smile at Kane’s fondness, “Kane, you are the most important person in my life.”
Kane smiles at me and his blue eyes are bright with hope and love. We put the leash back on Zeus and we walk back to our apartment. I just do not understand why Hope keeps doing this to Kane and I. Hope knows that Kane is in a committed relationship. What she does not seem to understand is Kane is extremely loyal and faithful. Kane and I plan on getting married soon I hope. Hope did not care to inquire about any of this and she sees me as a definite threat. All Hope cares about is Kane and getting him to sleep with her. I know Kane would never leave me for Hope, Kane is not interested in her that way or so he says, and all Hope wants is sex or this is what I think she wants.
Kane and I have a mature relationship that I think it would never change for the world. I know Kane feels the same way about me as I feel about him. Neither one of us are sex crazed. We of course enjoy making love but we do not base our relationship on sex. I also know that there are people out there that all they really want out of life is meaningless sex, one night stands, and so on. That is not what Kane and I want out of our life or our relationship. Kane and I want to grow old together, we want a few children, and we want Zeus to be a part of our children’s life too.
We are back in our apartment and we are changing back into our pajamas when Kane’s cell phone rings. It is Mark Warren, the police chief, and Kane picks up the phone immediately. Kane listens and makes a few comments that I cannot hear because he has left the bedroom. I then hear Kane describe the confrontation with Hope for I am standing in the bedroom door way. Kane says he has figured. Figured what? What is Mark saying on the other end of the phone? I will just have to be patient and wait for Kane to get off the phone. I sit on the end of the bed and I am in my dark pink nightgown. I am petting Zeus until Kane is off the phone. Once Kane hangs up the cell phone and he comes back into the bedroom I raise an eyebrow.
I ask, “What was that all about?”
Kane says, “Hope has changed her story yet again.”
I ask, “What is she saying now?”
Kane sighs, “Hope says that we are harassing her.”
I am furious at this, “How does she explain being in the field beside OUR building? We are harassing her? Please, I wouldn’t give her the time of fucking day.”
Kane sighs, “She has been avoiding that question, being in the field next to our apartment building, she just cannot explain that simple fact. Mark is frustrated with her for his gut is saying that Hope is lying to him and his officers.”
I ask, “Does the Mark know she broke the restraining order that we have on her?”
Kane says, “He does know that. Don’t worry, Jace, Mark knows that she is lying, and he just wanted to call to confirm some facts.”
I ask, “Are you sure that is all he wanted?”
Kane responds, “I am positive. I asked Mark if that was all he wanted.”
I ask, “What did Mark say to that?”
Kane says with a deep breath, “That if he has any other questions he will call us.”
I say, “I really am nervous.”
Kane wonders, “Why?”
I worry, “If Hope gets off tomorrow then she is going to come after us again and the next time might not have a positive outcome.”
Kane says and he looks tired and worn out, “Jace let us get back to bed. I am tired.”
I ask, “Does Mark think she will go to jail?”
Kane rolls his eyes, “I asked the same question and Mark thinks she will definitely go to Jail. We have too many details against her.”
I ask Kane, “Do you want to eat something first?”
Kane replies, “I’m not hungry.”
I say, “Promise me you will eat something soon. You have not eaten anything yet and I worry about you.”
Kane says, “I promise, just not right now, all I want to do is lie in bed and hold you.”
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