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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2219315
Chapter Thirteen
I now know what I have to do with Kane. I do not want to do this nor do I want to believe that he would do this to me. Does this mean our relationship was all a lie? Of course it was. Kane was my life but he obviously did not feel the same way about me. I cannot cry anymore for the tears have all dried up. I am thinking of calling Kane when my cell phone rings. It is Kane. I think about punting it to voicemail but I don’t. Better to get it over with now. So I answer the call.
I demand, “What?”
Kane says, “Don’t be mad at me, Jace. I am really sorry about not making the changes you were asking me to make. I realize now that it wasn’t much to ask.”
I am tired of all this shit and I am tired of Kane’s lies, “It’s not just about the changes Kane. It goes deeper than that now, much deeper, and you know what I am talking about.”
Kane tries to play stupid, “What the hell are you talking about Jace?”
I state, “I talked to Hope Williams today.”
Kane becomes furious, “Why the hell would you want to do that?”
I say with a tone in my voice, “I have every right to do what I did. I needed some questions answered and I am the one who should be furious. You kept things from me, you kept secrets, and you betrayed me.”
Kane asks me and he is still trying to play stupid, “What questions did you need answered?”
I say, “Ones only Hope could answer.”
Kane still tries to play stupid, “And what happened?”
I am out with it, “I know you have been sleeping with her.”
Kane says, “I would never do that to you.”
I am bold as I say, “That’s bullshit Kane. You did it and now just admit to it.”
Kane says and he is in denial, “You and Salim are crazy if you think like this.”
I am firm and I raise my voice slightly, “It all makes sense Kane. Stop the fucking lies. I just wasn’t enough for you. Kane you hurt me deeply.”
Kane is still denying everything, “I did not sleep with her.”
I say, “Frankly I don’t believe you.”
Kane says and he pretends to sound sorrowful, “Please forgive me Jace. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
I say, “So you admit it?”
Kane replies, “Yes, I slept with her.”
I say, “I thought so. You are such a sleaze ball.”
Kane asks, “Where do we go from here?”
I state, “I am leaving you Kane. I am breaking up with you. I don’t want anything to do with you.”
Kane asks, “What about Zeus?”
I am so angry right now and I feel intense hate towards Kane, “He is registered to me. If you want to fight me on this you can try but all I have to do is show the registry and the case will be closed.”
Kane gently says, “I don’t want to take him away from you. You are his owner and you’re right I would never win the case.”
I use force in my tone of voice, “You won’t take him away from me.”
Kane snaps at me, “What the fuck are you going to do without me??”
I reply, “I really do not need you Kane. I use to think I did but I now know that I don’t. I can live my life without you there. I am actively looking for an apartment of my own and I will be changing partners.”
Kane asks, “So you are wiping me out of your life?”
I state, “Yes I am leaving you. We are broken up for good. I don’t want anything to do with you after this phone call.”
Kane asks, “We can’t we work this out?”
I am firm as I speak, “No.”
Kane demands, “Why? I love you Jace.”
I say, “I don’t love you Kane. You fucking used me and I am furious. You only think you love me. Plus once you cheat you will always cheat. I am not going to fall victim to this ever again.”
Kane says, “You don’t mean that.”
I say, “Of course I mean it. I only say what I mean and it is always the fucking truth. I would never hurt another person like you hurt me.”
Kane begs me, “Please don’t do this baby.”
I state firmly, “It’s already done.”
Kane starts to say, “Don’t…”
I yell at Kane, “I don’t want to hear from you ever again. Do you fucking understand?”
I end the call with Kane and my cell phone rings again. It is Kane again but I send the call directly to voicemail. Kane tries to reach me several more times but I keep sending his calls to voicemail. I cannot deal with him right now, I cannot deal with him ever again, and I do not have to. I have been deeply hurt and I will never forgive Kane for hurting me like this. I will never let anybody get that close to me again.
Kane admitted to cheating on me in so many words. To have this finalized does not help my emotional well being at the moment but at least I know this now and I am not going to torture myself about it. Kane has no idea what he has lost. I am an honest, determined, passionate person that is also extremely loyal. Kane is going to miss me in the long run for he will never find another woman like me again and if he does he will treat her like shit too.
I glance at Zeus who is laying on the bed wagging his tail. I look at the clock and it is seven o’clock at night. It is passed dinner time but I know that I have to eat. I order some room service again. I order a t-bone steak, mashed potatoes, corn, and two sodas. I feed Zeus and give him fresh water as I am waiting for my meal. After dinner I will take Zeus for another walk and then it is bed time.
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