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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Gothic · #2219476
Robert knows the GRANDIOSE castle plan and wants to find the stolen brick.

Robert is an architect; he wants to find the stolen brick of the GRANDIOSE castle built-in 1200 AD in Glasgow UK. The stolen brick bears a message about the secret passage in the castle and that leads to a golden treasure. The treasure belonged to Susan Duchess.

Robert climbs the marble stairs and in his hands the castle plan.
He achieves a great driveway. It is dark and his feet are stuck with an immense marble Susan statue. He finds a great chamber and with his torch, he tries to lighten it. Many objects of antiquity are found there. A sword is suspended on Susan's arms statue. It is silver and is decorated with some rubies and diamonds.
When he touches it an immense door is open behind the statue.

Robert hesitates to enter because he is afraid to be stuck over there when the door is closed again. He tries to take the sword with him but it is carved distally to the statue. He pushes in all the stones that decorate it. Finally, he discovers that the big red ruby is linked to a mechanical system that opens and closes the door. He destroys it so that the door lasts open.

There he goes downstairs. After a long path, he finds a closed-door.
It is dark and again his torch lets him distinguish a drawing code on a paper stuck to the door. The code signifies that the stolen brick is at the third edge of the door.
He follows it scrupulously for finding the golden stolen brick. He touches it and the door is opened immediately onto a wide golden chamber.

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