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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2219661
Chapter Four
It is five o’clock in the morning as I drive Tom and I into Brant California. As I drive I spot a coffee shop called Java Café that just opened up. I park the car across the street from the café and I leave the car running. Tom is snoring loudly and I do not want to wake him up just yet. I climb out of the car and gently close the door behind me. I run across the street and I order two jumbo coffees with cream and sugar in both. I also ask for directions to the beach which the man behind the counter was happy to give to me.

I climb back into the car and place the coffees into the cup holders and I shift the car into drive. I follow the man’s directions and in fifteen minutes I park the car in a large parking lot. I call Tom’s name and he turns to his side. Again I call to Tom in a sweet tone of voice and he sits up. He looks out over a dark Pacific Ocean. The sun has yet to start to rise. Tom rubs his eyes and glances at me as I hand him his coffee. I take my coffee and car keys and I climb out of the car. I step onto the white sand beach and Tom stands beside me. I sip my coffee and welcome Tom to Brant.

Tom asks, “We’re really here?”

I reply, “Yes sir.”

Tom asks, “So this is our new home?”

I smile, “Yes, we’re home. We finally made it.”

Tom asks me, “Now what do we do?”

I reply, “We check into the Brant Inn, a motel that we passed coming here to the beach, and we look for jobs. We will look for a place to live and enroll in school too.”

Tom asks, “How long do you think this will take us to accomplish?”

I reply, “I was thinking on renting a room for a month and hopefully we can find a place to live and jobs in the month.”

Tom says, “That sounds about right.”

I say, “That’s what I thought.”

Tom says, “I don’t mean to be a downer right now but …”

I say, “I know it has been four days since we left Victor and Gwen.”

Tom asks, “Do you think they know?”

I reply, “Probably but they won’t look for us.”

Tom asks, “How do you know?”

I say, “Because it costs money to look for people and the psychotic demons that we call our parents won’t part with the money to search for us and besides they are far too lazy to do that.”

Tom says, “You sound confident about that.”

I say, “I am fairly confident about it. Victor and Gwen have always told us that they wish we were never born. I am sure they will be relieved we just up and left them without a trace.”

Tom says, “I never want to go back there again.”

I say, “We will never have to. We will make it out here. We are strong, determined people who can overcome anything.”

Tom says, “I’m still concerned that they will look for us.”

I shrug my shoulders, “So let them. All we have to do is go to the police and explain our situation.”

Tom asks, “Do you really think the police out here will help us?”

I reply, “All I can do is hope. If Victor and Gwen do find us, we will need all the help that we can get, and we will need the police.”

Tom nods his head, “I agree. I hope they do help us if the time rises.”

The sun begins to rise and we see a lone man walking his Pit Bull along the white sands of the beach. Tom and I toss our empty cups into the trash and we walk along the beach for a few minutes. We stop and pat the Pit Bull which is extra friendly and the man says the dog’s name is Gunner. Tom and I walk back to the car as the pastel colors in the sky begin to fade. I start the car and drive us to the motel that I saw on the way to the beach. We check in and bring all of our bags into the motel room. I call the shower first. We have not showered in four days and I feel really disgusting right about now. I carry in a pair of navy blue sweat shorts and a navy blue tight tank top. I take an extra hot shower and wash myself several times. I dry myself off and I dress.

I emerge from the shower as my stomach rumbles. It is now eight o’clock in the morning and Tom takes over the bathroom. Tom finally emerges from the bathroom and his stomach rumbles as well. I am exhausted but I really need some food right now and I know Tom does too. We decide to walk to the beach and the boardwalk. As we walk down to the boardwalk we come across a place called Pacific Cellular and we enter the store. Tom and I each buy smart phones and we do a family plan. We exit Pacific Cellular and we continue to walk to the boardwalk. We cannot wait to get to a restaurant to have breakfast and play with our new cellular phones.

We find this little breakfast spot called the Scrambler. We seat ourselves like the sign says to do. The waitress brings us coffee. Tom orders three eggs, home fries, white toast, and a side of hash. I order three scrambled eggs, home fries, wheat toast, and a side of bacon. The waitress disappears and we take out our cellular phones. We program each other’s phone numbers into our phones. We then set up our voicemail, ring tones, text tones, and we just explore the phones.

Tom says as our breakfast arrives, “I feel so relaxed right now.”

I reply, “I know what you mean. We are only relaxed because we don’t have to deal with the psychotic monsters that were our parents.”

Tom says, “I know. Victor and Gwen were completely insane.”

I raise an eyebrow, “Just insane?”

Tom laughs, “Okay I could use words like assholes, bastards, evil, crazy, and worthless. But at that moment insane was
the only word came to mind.”

I say, “They must be wondering how we escaped without going passed them.”

Tom wonders, “You don’t think they know we would use the fire escape?”

I say, “I don’t think it dawned on them. They aren’t the brightest bulbs in the package you know.”

Tom says, “Like you said on the beach they must be relieved that we have left.”

I smile, “They must be overjoyed. They hated us with a bloody passion.”

Tom puts thought into his next statement, “We didn’t deserve what they would do to us Max.”

I nod my head, “No we didn’t but we tolerated it only because there was nothing we could do until we had enough money saved up.”

Tom says, “I hope they rot in fucking hell.”

I nod my head again, “They will.”

Tom and I eat our breakfast. We change the subject from the psychotic monsters that were our parents. Now we talk about what there is to do around here. I make a suggestion. I suggest that we take a few days just to explore our new home. We just drove four days to get out here and I want a little while to explore our new surroundings. Tom is all for taking a few days off. The drive out here was exhausting and we deserve a few days just to relax and have a little fun around here.
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