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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2219693
Distorted Minds Contest Entry April 2020 - Prompt 4
Al reached up past the eyeball, grabbed a hold of the lower rim as eyelashes tickled his fingers, and hoisted himself up.

He stared intently at the tear duct. The client, Mr. Gelleeno, needed these Models ready in just three hours, that meant completely ready, which included having them dressed in those ridiculous clothes for his inspection. Unfortunately this particular Model has sprung a leak and it was up to Al to fix it.

Al and his friends have been on this planet for awhile now and he has to say, this whole thing, this runway show with the female models was the strangest thing he has seen so far.

First, you have a human male that obviously prefers other human males instead of females, that designs clothing for females. And, if that's not crazy enough for ya, the clothing that Mr. Gelleeno designs will never be worn by anyone other than the Model! Ever! Those outfits were more suited for some crazy theater production then everyday life.

Then you have the Models. He wants them so thin that all womanly curves are eliminated. What Al and his friends have never been able to figure out is why doesn't the client just use boys instead of trying to make the ladies look like boys? If Mr. Gelleeno had done that his ulcer would have cleared up in no time.

Of course than Al and company wouldn't have such lucrative jobs.

And, it just gets nuttier, there are many humans willing to pay a lot of money to go to one of these runway shows where the girls look like boys dressed in outlandish garments that no human in her, or his, right mind would ever where! AND they actually buy some of the clothing! That they will never wear!

It was quite fortuitous that one of the first humans they met after landing on this planet had been their client. He was lamenting the fact that his models were always so sickly and never thin enough.

Al told him that he and his friends could make a Model, to his exact specifications, and no one would know the difference. In all outward appearances the Model would appear to be alive.

Mr. Gelleeno's specifications were exactly what was to be expected of a runway model and then some. You had the usual - long legs, thin build of course, lovely face, no tattoos, no visible scarring, etc. Then there were the extras - no crying, no giggling, nicely toned low voices, small smiles (think Mona Lisa), and the like. It was no small order.

Thirty models were created, all lovely, ultra thin, and on the tall side. They all had different hair styles, various face shapes, and varied eye colors. Mr. Gelleeno was in heaven, he could not believe we had managed to accommodate his every little specification.

One of those specifications, no crying, was currently giving Al a headache. This particular tear duct wouldn't stop leaking.

Al shoved his head past the eyeball and looked down, "Hey Fred!"


"Pass me one of those pronged thingies, would ya?"

"You mean a wrench?"

"If that's what you call it, then yes, I mean a wrench!"

That Fred! He thinks he is so smart just because he can remember all the names for the different tools on this planet! Everyone else would also think he was smart if he actually knew how to use all those different tools!

Fred crawled his way up the scaffolding surrounding the broken Model and handed over the wrench.

Al scowled at him and ducked back inside.

After much turning, adjusting, and a few good whacks with the wrench, the leaking finally stopped. Al stuck his head out the back access and looked at the clock. Perfect! Just enough time to get her in one of those crazy getup's.

Al and company stood way in the back watching the show. They had to be close enough to thwart any problems yet far enough that they went unnoticed.

The show was almost over and, once again, pulled off perfectly.

Al wondered how long this gig was going to last. He figured sooner or later Mr. Gelleeno would figure out he could save a whole lot of money by hiring some real male models.

Word count = 716
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