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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2219778
Chapter Seven
Over the next three days Tom and Ashes are inseparable. They walk to the boardwalk and window shop and go out to lunch. I am happy my brother has made a friend but I am getting very concerned for Ashes is all that Tom can talk about. I have been spending a lot of time with Chuck Lincoln, Ashes father, and I enjoy his company. We talk about the medical field and my parents. I hate discussing Victor and Gwen for I just want to put that part of my life behind me. Chuck thinks that Tom and I could benefit from seeing a therapist about it and I let him know that I will think about it.

Finally I have some alone time for Tom and Ashes are out at the boardwalk again and Chuck has gone to some art museum. I am sitting by the pool with a cup of motel coffee and the newspaper. I open the paper to the classified ads and right there in a large ad is BRANT EMS looking for Dispatchers, EMTs, and Paramedics. I immediately take out my cellular phone and call the number from the advertisement. They are still hiring and the receptionist gives me directions to the main station of Brant EMS. I quickly pack things up, I shower, and I change into jeans and a nice t-shirt.

I send a text message to Tom stating that I am going to Brant EMS to fill out an application. Tom texts me back wishing me luck. I climb into my car and I drive the fifteen minutes to the big white brick building that houses Brant EMS’s dispatcher’s office, several ambulances, and the offices. I take a deep breath and let it out slowly. I plead with whatever higher power is out there that I get the job. I do not want to be anything else but an EMT.

I enter the building and report to the receptionist. The receptionist welcomes me and she hands me a packet to be filled out. I sit in the waiting room and fill out the thick application. A half an hour later I am finished filling out the application and I return to the receptionist. She has me wait a moment as she calls Kevin Conner, the Brant EMS human resources person, and then the receptionist has me wait in the waiting room. I am getting an on the spot interview. I say a little prayer that I make an exceptional impression.

Ten minutes later a well built man calls my name. I stand up to my five foot two inch height and I follow Kevin Conner through a maze of hallways to his office. As he flips through my application he holds an index finger up and he makes a phone call. Kevin is calling Boston EMS’s human resource center. I patiently wait and when Kevin hangs up the phone he seems pleased. This is when the interview really begins.

Kevin asks, “Miss. Mason, I would like to know why you would like to continue to be an EMT?”

I reply, “I absolutely love helping people. Being an EMT is the most challenging and most rewarding job I have ever had. It is
also the only job I have ever had.”

Kevin asks, “Do you think you will be an asset to Brant EMS?”

I reply with certainty, “Yes, I believe I will be.”

Kevin asks, “Why?”

I reply with confidence, “I am a hard working individual that loves being an EMT. I do not make a habit of calling in unless I am on my death bed and I love picking up overtime shifts. I am easy to work with and I go above and beyond the call of duty.”

Kevin says, “When I was on the phone with Petra Williams, the human resources woman at Boston EMS, she stated that I would be making a big mistake if I did not hire you.”

I smile, “Petra is too kind.”

Kevin says, “I am going to take a risk here and I am going to hire you on the spot.”

My smile broadens, “Really?”

Kevin says, “I think Petra is right. I would be making a mistake by not hiring you.”

I reply, “Thank you Mr. Conner.”

Kevin leads me through another maze of hallways to the uniform room. I am given four pairs of trauma pants, four Brant EMS t-shirts, and a light spring jacket that says Brant EMS on the back of it. Then Kevin leads me back to the waiting room. He says he will see me on Sunday afternoon at fifteen hundred hours, three o’clock in the afternoon, and he will introduce me to my new partner. I thank Kevin again and I exit the building. I skip to my car with my heart light with joy. I just got a job. I thank the heavens above and I climb into my car. I pull my cellular phone out and I text message Tom. I let him know that I am on my way back to the motel. I drive directly back to the motel. I report to the room first with all my uniforms. Tom is not here in the room. He must still be out with Ashes or at the pool area.

I slip into my bathing suit and I take my towel and go to the pool area with my phone. Tom is not here at the pool but Chuck is. I sit with Chuck at a table and I place my phone and towel on the table. I look up at Chuck with a large smile plastered on my face. Chuck is curious and asks what is going on.

I reply, “I just came back from an interview with a Kevin Conner over at Brant EMS.”

Chuck asks, “And? What happened?”

I say, “I got the job as an EMT!”

Chuck says, “Congrats. When do you start?”

I reply, “Sunday afternoon at three o’clock in the afternoon.”

Chuck says, “That is so awesome. I am very happy for you.”

I reply, “Thank you.”

Right at this moment Tom and Ashes show up at the pool and they are about to dive into the pool when Chuck calls to them. I announce my news of getting a job and Tom is excited for me. Chuck then tells Ashes that they are going out to some amusement park. Ashes wants Tom to be able to come along and Chuck firmly says no. I am relieved that Chuck is the one that says no for I do not have to look like the bad guy. Ashes states she does not want to go since Tom cannot go along with them. Ashes glares at me for a moment and I say I agree with Chuck. I say that Tom and I need some time together and she tells me to shut the fuck up. Chuck says that is it and he takes her by the arm and he takes her to their room and I can see the shock and anger on his face.

Tom says, “I would have liked to have gone to the amusement park. It would have been fun.”

I sigh and it is time to have another talk with him about Ashes, “Tom, you and this thing with Ashes has to slow down.
Ashes is leaving in less than a week.”

Tom says, “Stuff it Max.”

I feel the fury building up, “That’s no way to talk to me you little asshole. I am only trying to look out for you.”

Tom says, “Maybe I just might go to Dallas with her like she wants me to.”

I am shocked, “What did you just say?”

Tom says, “I am thinking of going to Dallas, following Ashes, she really likes me.”

I ask, “What the fuck have you done?”

Tom snaps back, “I don’t like where you are going with this subject.”

I am firm, “Then get your heart broken. I can’t stop you. I only cared enough to talk to you about this with you but you’re too stubborn.”

Tom is frustrated, “Ashes keeps pressuring me for sex and smothering me. Are you happy now?”

I say, “I just wanted you to be honest with me is all Tom. You haven’t had sex with her have you?”

Tom is still frustrated, “No.”

I ask, “What are you going to do?”

Tom says in an angry tone, “I don’t know. I want to have sex with her but something is telling me that it isn’t the right timing
and I only want to do that with somebody I really care about.”

I say, “But you are willing to follow her to Dallas?”

Tom says, “I only said that because I was angry. I would never leave you or live that far away from you.”

I say, “You really had me worried.”

Tom replies, “I’m sorry Max. I am just so confused about this whole situation.”

I ask, “Have you tried to talk to her about this?”

Tom says, “I have tried but she just doesn’t listen to what I have to say. It’s like all she wants is sex.”

I suggest, “Maybe I should talk to Chuck about this and see what he suggests?”

Tom asks, “You would do that?”

I say, “I would. Something told me that this girl wasn’t right Tom.”

Tom asks, “Will you talk to him?”

I reply, “I will.”

I take my room key and have Tom stay in the room. I check the pool area first and Chuck is not there. I then remember Chuck’s room number and I go there and knock on the door. Ashes answers the door and when she does not see Tom with me she rudely asks what I want. I firmly state I need to speak to her father. Ashes says no but Chuck comes to the door and he glares at his daughter. Chuck asks if everything is okay and I reply that it is not and that I need to speak to him privately. Chuck steps out into the hallway and he closes the door behind him.

I explain everything that Tom has told me about the whole sex issue and that Ashes is pushing the subject. Chuck has no problems believing me. I ask why he is not shocked and he replies that Ashes has been caught being promiscuous back in Dallas. I ask Chuck what he means by this. Chuck goes on stating that the police have brought Ashes home many times for inappropriate sexual behavior with other boys and even a few men. Chuck continues to say that the police have said the next time they catch Ashes in this act that they are going to arrest her. I suggest maybe this is what she needs to be taught a lesson. Chuck sighs and says he knows that I am right for she does not pay the consequences well.

I say, “I’m sorry Chuck.”

Chuck asks, “For what?”

I say, “For having to have this conversation with you.”

Chuck says, “I sensed this might be happening this is why I suggested for her and I going to the amusement park. I wanted some time alone with her to talk about all this.”

I ask, “What do you suggest we do about this?”

Chuck says, “Thank Tom for being honest with you first. Then advise him to try to stay away from Ashes.”

Ashes bursts out of the motel room and screams, “You can’t fucking do this to me!”

I boldly state, “Stay away from my brother. You are nothing but a little whore and you don’t deserve him.”

Chuck orders Ashes, “Back in the room, NOW!”

Ashes slams the door screaming, “You fucking bastard.”

Chuck says, “I am really sorry Max. I don’t blame you for what you said.”

I say, “I just got really emotional.”

Chuck says, “I think I am gonna make a call to the airlines and try to get a flight back to Dallas as soon as possible.”

I say, “I’ll make sure that Tom and I aren’t in the pool area anymore so she can be there. I don’t want to take the chance of them being in the pool area at the same time.”

Chuck says, “Good luck to you both Max.”

Chuck reenters his motel room and shuts the door. I return to my motel room and once I enter the room Tom turns off the television. Tom immediately asks what happened. I fill Tom in on the conversation that I had with Chuck. Tom says he never thought she, Ashes, would turn out this way. I say that I feel bad for Chuck for having to cut his vacation short just because his daughter cannot control herself. Tom promises that he will stay away from her and I thank him for his help.
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