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Rated: E · Poetry · Dark · #2219934
sometimes it's so deep you can't see the bottom, but it doesn't really matter
Lips full of poison
Eyes of darkness
The serpent lies waiting
To sink fangs into her breast
To expose her once unseen heart to the world
Her blood is spilling out and
The world drinks it up until

She is empty

So come and save me from myself
Because I don't know how anymore and
Look, it's halfway over already and
I just want
To show me
The way
I'm here

Lost within my blindness
I have nothing left to play
Just an empty shell on the floor
Surrounded with blood-stained rags
That were used to wrap and bind her
And carry her off to the grave
To be reborn into eternity

Nothing will stop this
New existence

The bullet in the gun can't harm her because
She can no longer feel. Her feelings
Channelled into a pen, into the paper.
It's written on the walls for all to see

Fingernails digging into the drywall,
Crumbling away the exterior.
Pieces and shards and splinters.
Just a pile of dust at their feet now
Like the fine powder used by the geisha.
Painted red lips, stained with blood

Painting her naked body with blood.
It excites her carnal desires,
In a way.
Nothing else can

Surrounded by demons, waiting to devour her
On an altar as a sacrifice
She is unknown now.
Just a speckle in the eye of the one she once was.

You could
Fill her
Break her
New life.

A new way to feel without the pain
The past without the trauma
But that doesn't exist
It's just a fairy tale

And you won't end if for her anyways. You don't allow it.
Within your twisted mind you are righteous.
You are nothing without her and you don't want to let go.
You don't know your own name so you latch on
To the strength in her openness.
The strength you lack; the strength to let go.

And you can't take that away from her.
And you can't take that away from me.
You'll have to find it on your own because
I reserve my strength for those I trust.

I'll keep this as a deep reminder
And hold it within,
And listen to
The sixth sense,
Awakening again.

Let it breathe in this new freedom
Let it wash away the pain
Let it be swept away
Let the waves crash
Let the sand become smooth again
Let it all go out to the ocean.
Let it all swirl together
Let it become the whirlpool.
Let it become Leviathan
Bearer of broken dreams,
I am taken.

I keep breathing
And I hope that
It will come back
And caress you
Slowly, deeply
Just like my love, for you
Has no end, and no beginning
It lasts forever
Throughout time

So let me carry you forward when you are tired
I can be your saviour, if you allow it
I can heal you from within
To be damaged again.
In an endless cycle of death, rebirth, life. A circle.

I still

Carry me away to infinity
Let me skate across the water
Like the titanic sinking into the sea.
The deep below, the dark below.
So low. She begs. She bows down.
On the floor and on her knees.

Just let her get up. Allow her.
Let her see her dreams explode before her eyes again.
Let her see death so that she may know life again.
Carry her to freedom.
It's her last request before the end.
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