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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2220134
Chapter Twelve
Lunch time is here and I am having a bagel with cream cheese and a soda. Ben has a couple of tuna sandwiches and a soda. We are discussing our classes so far when Sarah sways up to us. Sarah does not look at me and I ignore her. Sarah says it is Ben’s last chance to come hang out with her and her so called friends. Ben looks up at Sarah with disgust in his eyes for she never even said ‘excuse me’ before interrupting our conversation.

Ben says as he sips his soda, “I wouldn’t hang with you or your friends if you were the last people on this freaking earth.”

Sarah shrugs off the rudeness, “You know you want to.”

Ben bluntly says, “You are not my type Sarah. You are harassing me and I do not appreciate it.”

Sarah says, “I am everybody’s type. You will not be disappointed. Just give me a chance.”

Ben is getting angry, “Do I need to go to the principal and the police to report harassment?”

Sarah says, “You wouldn’t dare.”

Ben says, “I wouldn’t?”

I pipe up, “I wouldn’t push it Sarah.”

Sarah shoots me a hateful look, “Shut up you.”

I rise to my five foot two inch height and I take a step towards Sarah, “Do not speak to me like that.”

Sarah asks, “Or what?”

I reply, “I will make sure you will remember you cannot do shit like this to people.”

Sarah replies, “You wouldn’t dare.”

I powerfully reply, “Try me.”

Sarah turns her attention back to Ben, “And you would rather hang out with this tramp?”

I shove Sarah so hard that she almost topples to the floor. Sarah looks at me in shock and screams that I am nothing but a fucking whore and I should be suspended for this. A lunch monitor approaches Sarah and I. The lunch monitor orders Sarah to the principal’s office and asks me if I am alright. I assure the monitor that I am fine and I am just a little more than pissed off. Sarah storms out of the lunch room and disappears down the hallway. I sit back down and Ben stares at me for a moment.

I say, “I am sorry you had to see that.”

Ben says, “I’m not worried about that. I think you are impressive.”

I reply, “I am sick of her calling me a bitch, whore, or tramp. That girl has some serious fucking issues.”

Ben laughs, “You think?”

I say, “Obviously she doesn’t take no for an answer very well.”

Ben says, “Obviously not. She has to get a grip on reality. I am not interested in her. My interests lay in somebody else.”

My heart breaks a little, “Who is that?”

Ben smiles, “You.”

I smile in return, “Oh really?”

Ben asks, “Are you interested?”

I smile, “Most definitely.”

Ben asks, “Can I give you a ride home today?”

I say, “I would like that. I just have to let my brother, Tom, know that he can take the car to work.”

Ben asks, “You and your brother work?”

I reply, “Yes. Tom is a pharmacy tech at Brant Pharmacy and I am an EMT.”

Ben says, “An EMT? That is really exciting. You like being an EMT?”

I say, “I love every second of it. Do you work?”

Ben says, “I’m a phone taker for the Brant Detective Office.”

I say, “That sounds really interesting.”

Ben says, “My dad is a detective and I want to be one eventually.”

I say, “That’s cool. Your father must have some interesting stories.”

Ben says, “He does. What about your parents?”

I sigh and I knew this question would be asked, “They, Victor and Gwen, are back in South Boston Massachusetts.”

Ben looks confused, “What?”

I say, “Promise me that you won’t tell anyone, please.”

Ben promises, “I promise.”

I say, “Tom, my brother, and I ran away from them. Victor is a physically abusive drug dealer and Gwen is a mentally
abusive prostitute.”

Ben asks, “You were abused?”

I reply, “Yes, both physically and mentally.”

Ben says, “I am so sorry Max. That must have been hell.”

I reply, “It was. Tom and I finally saved enough money to get the hell out of that horrid place.”

Ben asks, “When did you make your escape?”

I reply, “Back in June.”

Ben says, “So I am sure that they know you and your brother are gone.”

I reply, “Oh I know that they know we’re gone. I am just hoping that they don’t feel the need to hunt us down. Tom is convinced that they will look for us.”

Ben says, “Sounds like your brother is scared. Aren’t you just a little afraid they will find you?”

I say, “Of course I am but I don’t focus on it. If they do search for us and find us then Tom and I will go to the police. There
are plenty of medical records to support what Tom and I have been through.”

Ben asks, “What about the Department of Child Welfare? Didn’t they try helping the situation?”

I reply, “They only made the situation worse. Tom and I have this feeling that Victor, our father, paid the DCW off with either
drugs or money or both.”

Ben asks, “Is your case with the DCW still open?”

I state sadly, “No. Our case was closed in March of this year. The DCW was absolutely no help.”

Ben says, “Did you go to the police?”

I say, “Yes and they did help somewhat for they arrested Victor a few times on drug related charges or something to that effect.”

Ben asks, “What about on abuse charges?”

I say, “They never witnessed the abuse but they could only call the DCW and like we just talked about, the DCW was no help, and things only got more desperate.”

Ben says, “We’ll I am happy you and your brother are here now and safe.”

I reply, “So are we. Tom seems to be adjusting well. My brother is still jumpy about certain things but he will relax with time.”

Ben asks, “Have you considered therapy for him?”

I say, “I have mentioned it to him but he feels therapy is not for him right now. Tom says he isn’t crazy and I try explaining
that therapy is NOT just for people with mental illness.”

Ben asks, “What does he say to that?”

I say, “Tom says he will think about it but he just runs several miles a day and doesn’t talk about therapy.”

Ben asks, “Does he ever bring up your parents?”

I say, “Yeah he brings them up but just with me. Tom doesn’t trust very many people.”

Ben says, “I am sure you don’t either.”

I say, “I have my trust issues but it isn’t like Tom’s issues with it. I swear Tom borders on paranoia.”

Ben asks, “Have you mentioned that to him?”

I say with feeling, “Hell no. I don’t want to make him feel like I think he is crazy.”

Ben says, “You don’t want to make him feel that way.”

I say, “Tom and I are extremely close. Our bond runs so deep that I don’t know what I would do without him.”

Ben says, “That’s awesome. I’m an only child. I wish I had a brother or sister though.”

I say, “I don’t know what others think but I think having a sibling is awesome. I know not every sibling gets along like Tom and I do but having him there makes all the difference.”

Ben asks, “Do you guys ever fight?”

I laugh, “Of course we do. We fight over the stupidest stuff too. Later when we look back on it we are like what the hell was that all about.”

Ben says, “That’s funny.”

I ask, “Your father sounds like he is a good man. I wouldn’t know what that’s like for our father is a psychopath.”

Ben says, “It is awesome. Like you and Tom, my dad and I get along famously. Mom died when I was two from cancer so it has just been dad and I all these years.”

I say, “I am sorry about your mom.”

Ben says, “Thanks but I only wish I could remember her. Dad used to tell me stories about her when I was younger.”

I say, “That’s sweet.”
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