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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Dark · #2220169
Chapter Thirteen
Our last class of the day is study hall. Ben and I sit side by side and we are having a pleasant conversation about Brant and what it is like to be new here in town. Sarah walks over to us, swaying her hips, and the girl has yet to get the hint that Ben is seriously not interested in her. Most girls would get the hint when Ben bluntly told her that he was not interested but Sarah I suppose is thick headed. Sarah is getting on every last nerve I have and I feel like I will explode on her but I will not do that. I will pleasantly tell her where to go and give her directions on how to get there.

Sarah opens her mouth but Ben says, “Don’t even start Sarah. I don’t want any part of you or your friends. You have been at me all day and I am tired of it. Besides I am dating someone.”

Sarah looks shocked, “Oh really?”

Ben says, “I have asked Max out. Now kindly leave me alone unless I will go to the principal and the police. Both take
claims of harassment seriously.”

Sarah says, “I see you made the loser choice.”

I stand up, “The only loser here is you. Obviously you just don’t get it. You aren’t Ben’s type, he isn’t interested, but you are too dense to understand.”

Sarah asks, “Did you just call me stupid?”

I reply, “Ah I did but you are obviously so stupid you had to ask.”

Sarah says, “Slut.”

I say, “According to the rumors, you are the only slut here, I mean it is said you fucked everyone in the junior and senior class. Talk about being used up.”

Sarah forcefully says, “Those rumors aren’t true.”

I reply, “I am new here, remember, so all I have to go on are the rumors. There is another rumor that says you’re a bitch and that’s true.”

Sarah says, “Don’t believe everything that you hear.”

I say, “Just leave him alone. He wants nothing to do with you. Get the fucking hint.”

Sarah says, “You are rude and obnoxious. Ben will be mine eventually.”

Sarah turns around and sways away from us. Ben will be hers? Oh please. From what I can tell Ben would have no interest in Sarah even if I was not around. Ben looks at me and rolls his eyes stating she has some pretty demented issues. I laugh and agree. Sarah is pretty dense. But I cannot fault her for that. Stupidity as far as I am concerned is a pretty crazy issue. Sarah claims not to be stupid but is displaying every classic sign of it. Ben says to me that his only interest is me and doing well in school. I am flattered and state I have an interest in him and Ben blushes.

Ben asks, “There is a fair Friday night near the boardwalk. Would you like to accompany me?”

I smile, “I would like that a lot.”

Ben says, “Then it’s a date.”

The bell rings indicating the end of class and we all rush to leave. Finding Tom is on my mind, I need to let him know he can take the car, for Ben is giving me a ride home. But as I approach my locker I find my brother already standing there. I introduce Ben and Tom and they make some small talk. I then interrupt by stating Ben is going to bring me home so Tom can take the car. Tom thanks Ben and I hand the car keys over to my brother. Tom skips off, I had asked how his day was but he must not have heard me, for he never answered me.

I follow Ben to his white Ford Mustang. This is a sweet car. I love Fords and I always will. We climb in, Ben rolls the windows down, and he starts the car. I give Ben directions to the condo and Ben is in awe. I say the mortgage is the same as rent would be so it was a no brainer to go with something that I would only own in the end. Ben says that it sounds logical and I say I make good money that I can afford it. I give Ben a tour of the condo itself and then we go outside and I give him a tour of the complex. Ben sees the pool and states he loves to swim and I say next time he has to bring his swim suit with him.

When we get back to the condo I go inside and retrieve two cans of soda and return outside. Ben and I sit at the picnic table out on the patio. We talk about our classes, our teachers, and about things we observed about other students. The sun is starting to set and Ben announces that he is hungry. Ben suggests we order some subs from ‘Zia’s Pizza’. I say that sounds great but I try to offer to pay but Ben refuses even after I say I need to get a sub for Tom as well. Ben says he does not mind paying. I try to protest but Ben says I can cook him a great home cooked meal Friday before we go to the fair and I agree. I ask him if he likes shrimp and he says shrimp is one of his favorites and I have an idea. I will make colossal shrimp salads but I will stir fry the shrimp.

I have ordered a steak and cheese sub with onion rings. Ben orders a cheeseburger sub with fries and we order Tom an Italian sub with the works and fries. Tom likes onion rings but he is not crazy about them. When the subs arrive Ben and I sit out on the patio and eat them as we watch the sunset. About an hour later Ben says he should be getting home and he kisses me on the right cheek. I smile as he leaves. When I lock the door I dance into the kitchen to get another soda. I then settle in on doing homework. The only subject that gives me the most challenge is my Algebra. I am really not that good at math but somehow I always manage to get a ‘B’ in the subject. I finally accomplish the homework and feel proud.

I just sit on the couch as Tom enters the condo. I yell to Tom that dinner is in the fridge. Tom grabs his sub and a soda and comes into the living room. We are watching a popular comedy show as Tom eats. I say that Ben paid for the subs and Tom looks at me. I smile and say that I have a date with Ben on Friday night and I say we are going to the fair. Tom congratulates me and I thank him. I ask how his day went.

Tom says, “School wasn’t bad I met a lot of people but nothing friend like as of yet. Work was great. I love work. I met this girl too. She came to pick up a prescription and her name is Sarah …”

I ask, “Sarah Knight?”

Tom says, “Yes how do you know her?”

I say, “She bullied Ben and I all day today.”

Tom says, “I asked for her phone number.”

I say, “That’s awesome.”

Tom asks, “Would you mind if I called her?”

I reply, “Not at all. Just be careful. That’s all I have to say about her.”

Tom says, “Thanks.”

Tom cleans up his mess and then goes upstairs to his room to make the phone call to Sarah from his cellular phone. I shake my head and look at my watch, eleven thirty at night. I think about calling Ben to tell him about Sarah and Tom but it is too late. I get up and make sure that the doors are locked and I go up to bed. My homework is all done and ready for each class. So there is nothing to do except crawl into bed and go to sleep.
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