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Rated: 13+ · Other · Comedy · #2220257
A teenage boy gets himself stuck while retrieving his football and needs help to get free.
Eighteen year old Jason Robertson was playing with his football with his girlfriend Sarah when he accidentally kicked it too hard and watched in horror as it flew over a fence and into the garden of an abandoned house.

The teenager was 6'2,215 pounds,had long light brown hair covered by a dark blue baseball cap and blue eyes covered by glasses.
He wore a light blue t-shirt with a black hoodie over the top of it and denim jeans which covered his curvaceous hips and bubble butt which his girlfriend joked was even bigger then hers.

The couple ran over to the fence and stuck their hands through a rather small hole but still the ball was just out of their reach.
Jason then decided to go through the hole after Sarah decided against it due to her curvaceous figure and the fact that she was wearing a short red dress.

Putting his concerns about whether he would fit given the hole's rather small hole to the back of his mind,the young man stuck his head through the hole and after a brief struggle,his entire top half was soon through the hole,leaving only his hips,backside and legs sticking out as his girlfriend struggled not to stare or laugh at the ridiculous sight.

He soon found the ball and also a red rose,Sarah's favourite flower and put in his jacket pocket before jokingly wiggling his behind and asked, "Are you enjoying the view back there?"
"It's absolutely perfect,but,why don't you come out and we can go home and get something to eat," said the young blond as she then took a picture then posted it on social media.

Jason then tried to back out of the fence but was shocked to discover that he couldn't.
"Maybe that big lunch and second peice of cheesecake was a mistake," he said to himself as he placed his hands against the fence and pushed and pushed with all his might but still it just refused to release it's grip on him.

Sarah had now stopped laughing and with concern in her voice,asked, "Jason,are you all right?"
"I'm fine thanks bebe,it's just a bit more difficult than I expected," said the young man as he then tried to push and wiggle himself free again,even putting his right foot against the fence for more leverage but still he just refused to budge and was hit the realisation that he was in fact stuck.

"Oh,it's no use," said Jason as he admitted to his girlfriend, "Sarah,you're not going to believe this but I think I'm stuck."
The young blond placed her right hand over her face in disbelief and said, "This could literally only happen to you but don't worry,I'll get you out," as she then grabbed onto his hips and pulled and pulled with all her strength for several minutes without any success until she lost her grip and tumbled onto the grass.

"It's no good,you just won't budge," said Sarah as she then ran off to get help after deciding against climbing the fence.
The young man continued unsuccessfully to try to push and wiggle himself free again when he suddenly felt something sniffing at his behind but was disappointed to hear a dog barking and said, "Oh,you're just a dog,you're no help," as it then grabbed onto the seat of his jeans and began pulling.

"Hey,stop pulling at my jeans like that," said Jason as he wiggled his rear end but still the dog continued to pull until a RIP sound was heard.
The young man's face turned beet red with embarrassment as he realised that the dog had pulled off the seat of his jeans,exposing his red boxers covered bubble butt for all the world to see.

"This is the most embarrassing day of my life but still,at least,it can't get any worse," said Jason as someone then drew a smiley face on his boxers before taking a picture and wrote, "Fat bottomed boy," on the fence then ran off.
"I just had to tempt fate,didn't I," said the young man as he then began laughing at the ridiculousness of his recent predicament.

Jason had now been stuck for nearly an hour before suddenly hearing a voice say, "excuse me,but why is your enormous backside sticking out of my fence.
" Oh my god,I'm so sorry," said the young man before the stranger jumped over the fence as he came face to face with a beautiful young woman,with short light brown hair,wearing a red t-shirt and a short black skirt with black tights.

The young brunette then said, "It's fine,you're not the only one who's gotten themselves stuck in there,I did it myself once,what's your name,I'm Natasha.
"Hi Natasha,I'm Jason,and I'm sorry again," said the young man.

"Don't be,it's not everyday someone gets stuck in there,especially with a butt as big and cute as yours," said Natasha .
"I appreciate the compliment but I do have a girlfriend," said Jason.

The two talked for another 10 minutes before suddenly hearing laughter coming from behind the young man as Sarah had returned with his best friend Criag, who brought his own girlfriend Barbara as they stared at Jason's barely-covered behind.

Natasha made her presence known and offered to help pull as Sarah grabbed onto her boyfriend's hips, Criag pulled her waist while Barbara pulled Criag's belt as the young brunette pulled Barbara's t-shirt.

"All right guys,pull," said the young blond as the four pulled,tugged and heaved with all their strength on the poor young man who said, "OW,this really hurts,I'm going to be yanked in two," as the dog then grabbed onto the hem of Natasha's skirt as a POP sound was suddenly heard.

Jason was pulled from the fence at last,sending the five teenagers tumbling backwards into a heap on the grass as the dog looked on.
"Thank goodness for that," said the teenager as he hugged and kissed his girlfriend before hugging everyone else including the dog,who licked his face before thanking everyone for helping him out.

He then remembered that everyone could see his underwear and quickly used his hoodie to cover the hole in his jeans before beginning to laugh when he noticed that hole in the fence was now much larger.
"Maybe it's time I got that fixed," said Natasha as everyone else began laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation as they all went to Jason and Sarah's house to have something to eat.

The young man finally gave his girlfriend her flower,which she put in her hair before grabbing the ball as the two then went to catch up to the others.

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