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by K.HBey
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With her parents, Nadine went to her grandma in the country.

It was summer when Nadine with her parents came to her grandmother's in the country.
"Grandma, good morning," Nadine said.
"Nadine! Please enter quickly, I miss you a lot," her grandmother said.
At eighty, she is still well preserved.
Nadine and her parents join grandma who was sitting at the table where a wonderful tablecloth with a beautiful handmade lace was set.

"How was the travel?" Grandma asked.
Pierre, Nadine's father responded, "It was a long and hot trip". "The news said that the country will be modernized but I don't trust them."
"We found some reindeers on each side of the road, grandma," Nadine said.
"Is this the first time that you see reindeers?" Grandma asked.
"Yes, I like them a lot," Nadine said.

"I have one reindeer in my garden, look over there from the kitchen window you will see him," grandma said.
Nadine is amazed when she saw the reindeer.
"WOW! He is so beautiful, can I touch him?" Nadine asked.
Nadine is so excited to be close to a reindeer tonight.
She touched him and asked him, "Would you come with me at home?"
"Let's go to join grandma, we will have the dinner," her mother Kate said.
Nadine went and never ceased to look at the reindeer.

The next day, she got up early and went to the garden to find the reindeer. She was amazed when she found another young cute reindeer.
She took him and hugged him.
She went quickly and called her grandma, "grandma, a young reindeer is in the garden, and can I take him home please?"
"Yes, but you should feed him every day and when he becomes big you should take him back to the forest," grandma said.
Nadine is so happy and said, "I promise you".

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