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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2220460
Chapter Seventeen
Tom is up first and made the pot of coffee. I like the way Tom makes coffee for it is nice and strong, just the way that I like it. Ben and I come downstairs and we pour ourselves a cup of coffee and then we join Tom out on the patio. Tom and I both have the day off of work today and we decided to take a day off of school too. Tom and I have been working like crazy and we just need a day to do nothing. Ben says he will take the day off too. So the three of us sit at the picnic table, sipping coffee, and we watch the sun paint the sky in pastel colors.

I ask, “Tom, how did you sleep last night?”

Tom says, “Like a freaking rock. How did you guys sleep?”

I say, “I got to cuddle with Ben all night. I slept great which is really good for me.”

Ben says, “I slept great.”

Tom says, “I feel a little guilty.”

I ask, “Why?”

Tom says, “For missing a day of school. Normally I don’t miss a day unless I am like on my death bed.”

I reply, “Don’t worry about it. Everyone needs a day to regroup. A day here or there is not gonna kill you.”

Tom says, “I know you’re right but I still feel a little guilty.”

I reply, “Go for a run on the beach, that will help you, and then get some homework done.”

Tom says, “I do have all my books home …”

I laugh and say, “Of course you do. You are like the biggest nerd that I know.”

Tom plays, “I am the only nerd that you know and love.”

I laugh, “That’s so true.”

Ben says, “You two are crazy.”

I laugh some more, “We’re crazier than you think.”

Ben shakes his head, “What did I get into?”

Tom says, “You know you love us.”

Tom gets up to place his cup in the sink and then he comes back out to the patio dressed in sweat pants and a sweat shirt. Tom puts his running sneakers on and asks if Ben will still be here when he gets back from his run. Ben says that he has to go home for a little bit to shower and change but he promises he will be back. Tom says that is awesome that maybe we will do take out at lunch. Tom says he is craving a meatball sub and would really like to get one today. Subs? That sounds really great. So when Tom leaves for his run Ben leaves to go home for a little while.

After Tom and Ben leave I dress in my swimsuit and I go to the pool. I am swimming and have been for about an hour when I sense somebody standing at the edge of the pool. I stop swimming and see that it is only my brother. Tom says I have been swimming for about an hour and a half and I did not think it was that long. Tom says I cannot afford to lose any weight. I climb out of the pool and wrap my towel around me as I say I am not swimming to lose any weight. I am just trying to exercise and I love swimming. I follow Tom back to the condo and the both of us shower. I dress in black sweat pants and a black t-shirt. When I go downstairs both Tom and Ben are sitting in the kitchen just talking about guy things or so they say.

Tom calls for subs. Tom orders his meatball sub with fries. Ben orders a cheeseburger sub with fries. I am the odd ball. I order a steak and cheese sub with onion rings. We sit in the kitchen and we talk about school. Tom asks me if I mind if he can invite Sarah over for a swim and if she can stay for dinner. I say that would be nice. I will go to the grocery store and buy a roast beef. I will make roast beef, carrots, and mashed potatoes which I have been craving for a while. Tom and Ben look at each other and they both say that sounds like an awesome dinner.

Sarah’s parents are on another vacation without her. Sarah’s parents are in Miami Florida visiting her grandparents. Sarah feels left out most of the time since her parents are travelling every time we turn around. It must be nice to have the money to travel like that. Sarah spends a lot of time in her home alone so she really only cooks things that are quick. Sarah says yes to dinner tonight and says a home cooked dinner sounds wonderful.

Sarah is here at the condo in an hour and she hands me the mail that the mailman gave to her. I flip through the mail and anxiety quickly grasps me. There is another envelope with Victor’s handwriting on it. Ben, Tom, and Sarah look at me with anxiety in their eyes as well. Ben is then instantly on the phone with John. I open the envelope and I read the letter aloud.

“Dear Max and Tom, this letter comes with a very heavy heart. Gwen has packed a few bags and stated that she was going to go out to Brant to find you guys and pay you a visit. I tried to find out if she was flying out there or driving out but she would not tell me. Where she got the money, I have no idea, but she is on her way out there. I felt as though I needed to warn you both that this is happening. Please be careful. Gwen is demented and has grown more agitated since the both of you left us. I think it is time for you both to call the police or get some protection in place. Victor.”

Tom says, “Jesus Christ.”

I am furious, “What the fuck is their problem? Can’t they just leave us the fuck alone?”

Sarah says, “Maybe this is just a game to them and they are just trying to scare you guys.”

Ben says, “No it isn’t some kind of game. This is the second letter that Victor has sent. If it were just to scare Max and

Tom they would have just got one letter and many prank phone calls. I really do not think this is a game.”

I ask, “What did your father say?”

Ben says, “He is on his way over.”

I say, “Good.”

Tom is shaking and Sarah guides Tom to a kitchen chair, “This cannot be happening.”

Sarah says, “I’m sorry Tom. This isn’t fair.”

Tom is firm, “Victor and Gwen are fucking insane. They don’t have to be doing this. They should have just left us
alone. We left them. We escaped. They should have just let it go. Why the fuck didn’t they?”

Ben says, “Because they are drug addicts and they don’t know any better.”

I spit, “They know what they are doing and it isn’t right.”

Ben says, “Yes they know what they are doing is wrong but all they have ever done is torment you. You guys need to teach them a lesson.”

Tom asks, “What kind of lesson?”

Ben says, “That they cannot keep doing this to you.”

Tom asks, “And how are we supposed to do that?”

Ben says, “Be strong. Do exactly as my dad and I tell you to do.”

I ask, “You?”

Ben realizes he screwed up and he looks down at the floor and then he meets my gray eyes, “I have something to tell you Max and you aren’t gonna like it.”

I am confused as I ask, “What?”

Ben says, “I am not who you think I am.”

I ask, “What do you mean by that?”

Ben says, “I am really twenty-two years old. I am a detective for the Brant Police Department.”

I demand, “What the hell are you talking about?”

Ben says, “It’s true Max. When Victor and Gwen found you, the detective called us at the department and advised us
that Victor and Gwen were searching for you guys, and that Victor and Gwen were not nice people. He explained that
Victor was a drug dealer and Gwen was a prostitute …”

I fire at Ben, “So you have known about all this shit before you even met me?”

Ben holds my stare but I see fear in his blue eyes, “Yes. But honey, we had to do this, it was not my idea to go

I demand, “Whose idea was it?”

Ben says, “It was my father’s idea. I am really sorry …”

I fire, “Save it Ben. You lied to me.”

I go to storm out of the condo through the sliding door and Tom tries to stop me by asking where I am going. I stop, turn, and stare at my brother. I state I have to get out of here and think for a little while. Tom wants to know what he should
say to John when he gets here. I say that Tom should tell him the truth and that is I am freaking out and I needed to get out of here for the walls were closing in on me. Once this was out, I exit the condo, and I slam the slider shut. I storm off the patio and walk around the complex for a while.

I find myself on the condo’s private beach staring out at the Pacific Ocean. Ben has been lying to me about who he really was. Ben is really a detective and he is twenty-two. Has Ben been lying about how he feels about me? I mean we did just make love too. Is everything he said and did just an act? I am hurting inside. Ben could have told me all of this earlier and he should have told me sooner. This is a really big deal to me. My heart has been on the line and did Ben just take it for granted?

Somebody is walking down the beach towards me and I realize it is Ben. I am happy which makes me feel conflicted for I also do not want to see him right now. Ben stops walking when he is about five feet away from me. Ben looks out at the Pacific Ocean as I glare at him. What does he want? Why is he here?

Ben says, “Max I am so sorry. I should have told you about this sooner than this.”

I reply firmly, “Yes you should have.”

Ben says, “I honestly love you Max. I fell head over heels in love with you the first moment that we met.”

I say, “I fell for you too Ben and I trusted you.”

Ben says, “There is no more secrets honey. I love you and that is the honest to God truth.”

I say, “Ben we made love.”

Ben says, “I know and that is the most precious thing to me. I honestly want to spend the rest of my life with you. There is
nobody else I want. You are my soul mate.”

I demand, “Why the hell are you here?”

Ben says, “You have been gone for two hours Max. Dad and I were getting worried. Dad said to give you your space but after two hours I couldn’t stand it. For if that letter is true and Gwen is on her way out here I could not forgive myself if something happened to you.”

I ask a little calmer, “You were worried about me?”

Ben says, “Of course I am worried about you. I love you and my love is only going to grow for you more and more each
day that passes us by. Please don’t say we are over with.”

I feel tears burning behind my eyes, “I don’t want us to be over with Ben but I can’t have you hiding things from me.”

Ben says, “I promise I won’t hide anything from you ever again. Just don’t break up with me.”

I ask, “Do you really love me?”

Ben says, “Of course I do. I want to marry you Max.”

I say, “Ben?”

Ben creeps a little closer to me, “Yes honey?”

I say, “We forgot something last night.”

Ben looks confused, “What do you mean?”

I say, “We forgot to use a condom. What if I get pregnant?”

Ben closes the gap between us, “Then we will get married sooner than expected.”

I ask, “Are you serious?”

Ben says, “Of course I am.”

I turn into Ben and I lay my head on his shoulder and I feel the tears roll down my cheeks, “I love you too Ben and I always will. This is why I felt so hurt.”

Ben says as he holds me tightly against him, “I understand honey.”
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