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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2220491
Chapter Eighteen
Back at the condo John is asking me if I am alright with things and I reply I am now for Ben and I talked. John says he is increasing patrols in the area for now and that he had officers call the airlines and Gwen was not on anyone of them. So John thinks that Gwen is driving out here. Tom and I are not happy that Gwen is on her way out here for she has always been unstable and now we add her fury to the unstableness and who the hell knows what she will do. Tom and I have lived this life and we thought we were done with it the moment that we left them but I guess not.

John says Boston Police Department has gone to the apartment in South Boston and got no response when they knocked on the door. So they will be returning tonight to arrest Victor for abuse and harassment. At least one psychotic parent will be behind bars soon. The other insane parent, our mother, we will have to wait until she surfaces in order for them to arrest her. Can Tom and I deal with this? Of course we can but we do not want to.

John asks, “Are you sure you are okay Max?”

I reply, “I am holding up John. It was just a lot all at once and I needed to get out of here for a little while.”

John says, “I would also like Ben to stay here with you guys, to offer you a little more protection. Tom has agreed to this plan. What do you think?”

I reply, “I would like that.”

John says, “Good. Now Ben, go pack up some stuff while I stay with these guys, and come back as soon as you can.”

Ben says to me, “I will be back soon honey. We will talk more tonight about things. Okay?”

I reply, “Sounds good.”

Ben leaves the condo and Tom looks at me with curiosity. I say that there are a few things that Ben and I have to work out for I was really hurt. Tom states he really likes Ben and Tom thinks Ben is good for me. I say I have forgiven Ben but there are still some things that we must discuss. Sarah pipes up and does not understand how people can do this to their children. I agree. I do not understand it either but it has been the life Tom and I have lived ever since we can remember. Abuse has always been there and it was a constant aspect of our life. Victor would beat the shit out of Tom and I for no reason at all and Gwen would mentally or emotionally abuse us. When Tom and I were little she would scare us almost to death but as we got older the fear disappeared and we just despised Gwen. We despised Victor as well but it was not until June that we fought back.

Sarah still cannot wrap her mind around it but she does not need to. Sarah wants to know what she can do to help us and my reply is just to be there for Tom and listen to him when he needs to talk. Sarah yawns and I notice that it is ten o’clock at night now. I suggest Sarah go home and get some rest but she tries to say she is fine. I ask if her parents are on vacation again and she nods her head. I disappear upstairs and I bring down some sweat pants and a t-shirt and ask if she would be willing to stay over. Sarah looks at me and wonders if I am sure. I assure her that it would mean a lot to me for this would mean a lot to Tom. Sarah agrees to stay and then Sarah and Tom disappear upstairs to his bedroom.

Ben is finally back with several duffel bags. John asks if we are alright and Ben reassures his father that we are alright. John asks us to call him in the morning and we agree. Once John has left Ben and I make sure that all of the doors are locked and we carry his duffel bags up to my room for he will be staying in my room with me. I clear out a few draws for Ben and organize my closet so he has some space to hang things up if he needs to. As Ben unpacks I excuse myself and I go across the hall to Tom’s bedroom. I knock on the door and Tom says I can enter. Sarah is sitting on Tom’s bed texting her parents and Tom is sitting at his desk playing some war game.

Tom asks, “Are you okay?”

I reply, “Not really. I am really upset about this whole Victor and Gwen thing.”

Tom says, “I noticed.”

I say, “I just had to get out before my world fell apart around me.”

Tom asks, “Did the walk help?”

I say, “A little but when Ben and I talked it helped the most. I really love him.”

Tom says, “I can also tell that. Ben is good for you.”

I ask, “You think?”

Tom laughs, “I know so. I would have said something if I felt otherwise.”

Sarah adds, “You and Ben have real chemistry.”

Tom asks, “Where is he staying?”

I reply, “My room.”

Tom asks, “Are you sure you are ready for that?”

I smile at the memory of making love to Ben and I reply, “Yes I am ready for that.”

Tom says, “Just be smart about things.”

If Tom only knew and I say, “I promise. Tom?”

Tom asks, “What?”

I ask, “What do you think about Victor’s letter?”

Tom says, “I am tired of the games that they are playing just like you are. I want all of this to be over as soon as possible.”

I say, “Me too.”

Tom says, “Go to bed and rest that mind of yours. Don’t think of the worst case scenario. Let me do that.”

I smile, “Good night you two.”
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