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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2220515
Chapter Nineteen
I reenter my bedroom and Ben is in the shower. I change into my black nightgown and I crawl under the covers. I turn on some comedy about a husband and wife with their two kids. When Ben emerges from the bathroom he is wearing blue boxers and a white tank top. Ben smiles at me and then sits on the bed next to me. Ben is full of sorrow for lying to me.

I say, “Ben, I forgive you.”

Ben asks, “You do?”

I say, “The more I thought about it I realized that you were just doing your job but please don’t keep anything else from me. Okay?”

Ben says, “I promise.”

I take a risk, “I do love you Ben.”

Ben smiles and kisses my cheek, “I love you too.”

The next morning I am up at six o’clock. I could not sleep any longer. I make bacon, eggs, home fries, and toast. I also make hash for I know Tom loves it. By seven thirty breakfast is all ready and everyone is awake. We all take our plates out to the patio with cups of coffee. Tom skips the bacon and he eats most of the hash for nobody else likes it. Sarah just looks at Tom like he is crazy for eating it and she wrinkles her nose.

Tom and Sarah do the cleanup work and I am thankful. I announce that I am going for a swim, I need to work out some of the anxiety that is building inside of me, and Ben wants to come with me just to make sure I am alright. I sigh and tell him to put his suit on for he may as well swim with me. I do my laps and Ben just swims lazily about. When we get back to the condo, I am dried enough that I grab Ben and I another cup of coffee, and we sit out on the patio.

Ben asks me, “Halloween is on a Friday night this year and they are having a costume dance. Do you want to go?”

I ask, “Halloween is your birthday isn’t it?”

Ben replies, “It is.”

I ask, “Do you want to go?”

Ben says, “Not really. I would rather stay home and pass out candy to the kids with you.”

I reply, “Do you want a party of some kind?”

Ben says, “Not really. I just want a quiet night with my girl.”

I blush, “And who would this girl be?”

Ben says, “Gee, I don’t know who she is …”

I gently bump Ben, “You are so weird.”

Ben says, “I’m not the one who started it.”

Tom asks as he and Sarah come out to the patio, “What are we talking about?”

Ben says, “The Halloween costume dance. Are you and Sarah going to it?”

Tom asks Sarah, “Would you like to go?”

Sarah replies, “I would love to.”

Tom says, “I guess we’re going. Are you guys?”

I say, “No. It’s Ben’s birthday and we are gonna have a quiet night here and hand out candy to the kids in the complex.”

Sarah says, “We’ll have to have some kind of party for you.”

Ben says, “I’m not into birthday parties.”

Sarah says, “At least I will make a cake for you. I love baking.”

Ben says, “You can make me a cake but that’s it, really.”
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