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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2220618
For someone who was a God-send
I don't think you know how much you mean to me...
I keep getting lost in our memories,
And then I start thinking wishfully
That I should have kept dating you something of secrecy.
I should've loved you in full, as you yourself did for me.
But now thinking back, it's really sad to see
That nothing came of us but something of infamy.
Maybe if I made you a love song for each anniversary,
And then sang from the heart to you accordingly.
I wish I could've been your Mozart symphony...
No matter what you wore, you were always a sight to see.
You were the light that was always blinding me.
Yeah, I know I said before that you weren't,
But I swear you were an angel God sent to me.
Nah, you wasn't sent to heal,
But you were always there for me.
How could I let down a person like you?
Now it's suffocating, this air I breathe.
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