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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2220882
Chapter Twenty-Two
Thanksgiving is finally here. John uses his condo key to enter the condo and it is five o’clock in the morning. I have a pot of coffee already brewed and waiting. Once John enters the kitchen, I hand John a cup of coffee, and we quietly go out to the patio so we can talk. Ben, Tom, and Sarah are all still snoring away. John and I sit at the picnic table, across from each other, and John is looking at me funny.
I ask, “Why are you looking at me like I am crazy?”
John says, “There is something different about you. You are just glowing.”
I say, “I’m just excited is all. This is the first real holiday we are spending here in Brant. I also want to make sure everything is just perfect.”
John says, “No, it’s more than that. What’s going on?”
I look down at the table and then back up at John, “You cannot and must not tell anybody I told you already.”
John guesses, “You’re pregnant?”
I ask, “You knew?”
John says, “For about a week now. I had my suspicions but I wasn’t one hundred percent sure until now.”
I ask, “You aren’t disappointed or upset at Ben and I, are you?”
John says with a smile, “Hell no. I am gonna be a Grandpa! I am so excited and proud of you two.”
I say, “That’s so nice to hear.”
John says, “It’s the truth. You guys are just starting a family a little earlier than expected but that’s okay. Do you guys have any plans of getting married any time soon?”
I say, “We are planning on New Year’s Eve.”
John says, “That’s wonderful. What type of wedding are you guys planning on?”
I say, “We are gonna be married by the Justice of the Peace on the beach at sunset and have a small reception here at the condo. How does that sound to you?”
John smiles, “Sounds perfect. It sounds like you guys have everything under control. I’m a lucky man.”
I look at John, “What do you mean by that?”
John says, “I have a great son, a soon to be a wonderful daughter in law, and I am gonna be a grandfather. What more could I ask for?”
I smile, “I didn’t think of that. You’re right.”
John and I are finished with our first cup of coffee and we reenter the condo. I clean out the turkey and John says to make sure I take out the innards from the center of the turkey. Innards? It’s the turkey’s neck and internal organs. I am grossed out by this and I toss the innards into the trash as quickly as I possibly can. John laughs at me. John says ‘Miss. EMT is disgusted by something’. I just smile and finish washing off the turkey. Then I make the stuffing and I stuff the center of the turkey with the stuffing and John places the heavy turkey into the oven. I peel the potatoes for mashed potatoes, I put green beans and carrots into a pan, and I get a pan ready for the gravy. I will be making extra gravy for everyone in my new little family loves gravy.
About an hour later, John and I have our second cup of coffee, and we go back out to the patio. John and I are only out on the patio for ten minutes when Ben joins us with his own cup of coffee. Ben sits beside me and kisses me on the cheek. John looks over at Ben with a goofy grin and Ben knows that John knows that I am pregnant. Ben says to me, ‘you had to tell him’. I laugh and say he already knew and has known for about a week now. Ben shakes his head with a smile.
Ben asks, “What do you think Dad?”
John says, “Congrats. This is the start of a wonderful adventure for the two of you. There is nothing more rewarding than raising a child and watching that child grow, learn, and turn into an awesome human being.”
I smile, “John, you are such a sweetheart. I am looking forward to all of it and providing the very best for the baby.”
John says, “You both are going to make wonderful parents.”
I ask, “You think?”
John smiles, “I know so.”
Tom and Sarah are next coming out to the patio with coffee. Tom says that there is another pot brewing. Tom then sees the broad smile on John’s face and Tom asks what is going on. Since John already knows Ben’s and my news I break the news to Tom. I smile and announce that I am pregnant. Tom is speechless as Sarah congratulates me. Then Tom says congratulations but in his eyes I can see all the questions.
I ask, “What’s going through your mind Tom?”
Tom says, “Are you guys really ready for a child? I mean it is an enormous responsibility.”
Ben jumps in and says, “Of course we are ready. It’s a little sooner than we would have liked but it’s happening.”
Tom says, “It’s not that I am not ecstatic to be an uncle, I guess I am trying to say is I am a little concerned.”
I ask, “About what?”
Tom says, “Max, you are still in school.”
I say, “I graduate in June and it is November now. The baby isn’t due until the end of July, beginning of August.”
Tom says, “I forgot about that. But what about medic school?”
I say, “I can always go to medic school. I am already an EMT and have been for three years now. I am lucky for I am already in the career I want to end up in and Ben is a detective. Everything is gonna work out for the best Tom.”
Tom says, “I didn’t mean to rain on your parade. I was just concerned is all.”
Ben says, “I respect that Tom. You were looking out for your sister.”
Tom asks, “So that’s why you asked for Max’s hand in marriage?”
Ben says, “Yes. We want to make sure we are married before the baby is born.”
Sarah says, “That’s smart. I would want that too.”
Tom asks, “When is the wedding going to be?”
Ben says, “New Years Eve.”
Sarah asks, “Max, do you need any help planning the wedding?”
I say, “I would love some help.”
Ben fills Tom and Sarah in on the Justice of the Peace, the ceremony at sunset, and a small reception back here at the condo. Sarah says that it sounds nice and cozy and Tom thinks it is perfect since we do not have a lot of close friends. Tom looks at John and asks John what he thinks of all this. John replies that he could not be more excited for us and this just finalizes how he feels. Tom is confused and so am I but John says he has felt like we were family for the last six weeks or so and this just proves to finalize it legally.
Thanksgiving dinner is ready to be served and Sarah’s pies are cooling on top of the stove. Ben carves the turkey into perfectly thin slices and all of us are quiet as we eat. Everything came out great and I pat myself on the back for a job well done for my first holiday meal. I am so proud of myself and I smile inwardly. I look around the table and I am fulfilled. I have a new little family and they all love Tom and I very much. Finally Tom and I feel like we fit in and are accepted.
After dinner, Tom and Ben have clean up duty for they offered to do it, which surprised me. John is sitting on the couch watching some golf classic game. A very strange man. There are dozens of football games on but he chooses to watch golf. I shake my head as Sarah and I go out to the patio. Sarah and I are talking about Black Friday sales and she asks me if I have ever been to a Black Friday event. When I answer I have not she wonders what planet I am from. I can only laugh and I reply that shopping has never really been a thing of mine. Sarah confesses that she lives for shopping and I already knew this but I laugh anyhow.
John comes to the sliding door and calls Sarah and I into the condo. Ben and Tom are already sitting on the couch so Sarah sits in one of the reclining chairs. I choose to stand even though John tries to convince me that I might want to sit for this. I just shake my head and John knows enough not to force me. John looks at all of us for a moment then singles Tom and I out.
John says, “I just got off the phone with the Boston Police Department.”
I ask with some concern in my voice, “What did they have to say? Did they locate Victor yet?”
John says, “Yes they located him.”
I ask, “Where did they find him?”
John says, “In the South Boston apartment. I have sort of bad news for you guys.”
Tom asks baffled, “Bad news?”
John says, “When the police broke into the apartment with the landlord’s consent, they found Victor extremely decomposed. He was shot once in the abdomen, once in the chest, and once in the head.”
I ask, “So Victor is dead?”
John says, “Yes.”
I ask, “I know Victor had a gun of some kind. I am wondering if Gwen shot him.”
John says, “That is what we are thinking since the gun is nowhere to be found.”
Tom says, “Maybe that’s why she chose to drive out here instead of flying out here.”
John says, “Again that is our thoughts. So Gwen could very well be armed. We need to start taking extra precautions. Ben and I need to know where you and Max are at all times.”
Tom says, “That isn’t a problem. I would rather be safe than sorry.”
I reply, “Same here.”
Sarah asks, “You guys are taking this very well.”
I state, “Victor was a monster. He physically abused Tom and I every chance he got and thrived off of our fear. I didn’t like the man at all.”
Tom says, “I hated him for what he did to us.”
Sarah says, “I get that. But the man is dead.”
I fire, “Good, he was a worthless person. Evil and demented. I really don’t care.”
Sarah says, “Wow.”
John asks, “What do you want to do with the body?”
I say with hatred, “We are not claiming him. Let the city dispose of him.”
John says, “I thought you would say that so that is what I told them to do. I just thought I would ask.”
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