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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2220884
Chapter Twenty-Three
Sarah is curious if I have ever been to a Black Friday Event. When I say I have not been shopping on Black Friday Sarah insists that I have to do it once in my life. So it is three o’clock in the morning and Sarah and I are getting ready for the shopping experience of our lives. We pour coffee into travel mugs and we drive two towns over to the plaza. We sit out in the car as an enormous line forms outside of one of the major retail stores. Finally at four thirty, the doors open and we finish our coffee, and when the line disappears Sarah and I enter the store.
I am looking for a special outfit for the wedding but I do not find anything that tickles me. I do buy a pair of running sneakers and some office supplies for school. Sarah just shakes her head as we emerge from the store. Sarah has found a dozen outfits, three pairs of shoes, socks, and underwear. I shake my head for she bought all of these things for less than seventy dollars. We place our bags in the trunk of the car and we climb into the car.
Sarah says I look tired and I admit that I am for I did not sleep all that well last night. Sarah offers to drive but I decline her offer. I am fine to drive home and once I am home I am going to crawl back into bed and probably fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I look over at Sarah for a second and she is all charged up, ready to take on the day, Sarah’s only fault is she has a shopping addiction.
It is seven o’clock in the morning when Sarah and I finally arrive back at the condo. Ben and Tom are out on the patio chatting away and I grab a cup of coffee and join the guys. Tom wants to know where Sarah is and I say she is putting her new outfits away. Tom nods and I know he is thinking of how much she must have spent and I state Sarah did really good shopping. I promise that she spent no more than seventy dollars on all of the things that she bought and Tom shakes his head with a smile on his face.
Tom goes back into the condo and I am alone with Ben who wonders how I did. I say I bought running sneakers and office supplies. Ben laughs because I love my office supplies. I love the creative writing assignments that our English teacher has been giving to us. I love creating characters and worlds. I have really taken to writing science fiction and horror stories and Mr. Timberline says I have some great talent and that my imagination is off the wall.
Ben asks, “Do you just want to do casual for the wedding?”
I ask, “What do you mean by casual?”
Ben replies, “Jeans and nice shirts?”
I say, “That would be great. That way I don’t have to worry about a dress or skirt or whatever. I really am not comfortable in dresses or skirts.”
Ben agrees, “I know you aren’t but when you do wear one you do look awesome.”
I smile, “Well thank you my darling.”
Ben asks, “How was Black Friday shopping?”
I shake my head and laugh, “It’s crazy. People are shoving, fighting over items, and I thought a few times that a fight was about to break out over shit. I really cannot be bothered with that kind of stuff but Sarah loves it.”
Ben says, “Sarah is the girly girl type.”
I ask, “And what does that make me?”
Ben laughs, “You are more of the athletic, tomboy type and I find that extremely attractive.”
I say, “Nice come back.”
Ben says, “I try.”
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