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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2221098
Chapter 24
It is December fifteenth and it is eleven o’clock on this Saturday night. Tom and Sarah come in, late as usual, and Sarah goes straight upstairs to their room. I am sitting in the living room and Ben is already sleeping. I know Sarah is drunk for she never even said hello to me but I know there is something else going on as well. When Tom sits down next to me on the couch, I can smell smoke, and I look into his brown eyes. Tom’s eyes are bloodshot and his pupils are dilated. I know Tom does not drink but I would bet anything he tried smoking pot tonight.
I ask, “What did you do?”
Tom says, “Shh.”
I ask, “What are you talking about?”
Tom says extremely seriously, “The aliens can hear you.”
Oh boy, “Tom, did you smoke pot tonight?”
Tom replies, “Yes.”
I say, “Go to bed.”
Tom says, “The aliens are in my room and they want to have sex with me.”
I say, trying to control my laughter, “There are no aliens in your room. I checked it.”
Tom says, “Really? You know about the aliens?”
I find it hard not to laugh, “I know all about the aliens Tom. Sarah is waiting for you.”
Tom says, “She is one of them.”
I burst out a little laugh, “Sarah is not an alien Tom.”
Tom is serious, “Are you sure?”
I say with a straight face, “I’m positive. It’s okay, go to bed, and we will talk in the morning.”
Tom asks, “What if the aliens come?”
I say, “Come wake me up and I tell them that they have to go the hell home.”
Tom thanks me and goes up the stairs to his bedroom. Aliens? They want to have sex with him? Damn Tom must have got some good weed or something. I shake my head and I go up the stairs to my own room. I shut the door to the room and Ben is coming out of the bathroom. Ben wants to know if Sarah and Tom are home and I say they are but there is a problem. Ben is on guard at first but when I explain the situation he is laughing.
Ben asks, “How the hell did you keep a straight face?”
I reply, “It was very difficult to do. I am worried.”
Ben says, “Don’t be. I will talk to Sarah about the whole drinking thing and let her know that it triggers you.”
I ask, “What about Tom?”
Ben asks, “What about him?”
I ask, “What should I do about the whole pot thing. Yes, it was hysterical, but I don’t want him going down the whole drug path. I am really concerned about this situation.”
Ben suggests, “Talk to him in private. Calmly voice your concern and let him explain himself.”
I wonder, “Do you really think that will work?”
Ben says, “Tom has a good head on his shoulders. I think he will hear your concern.”
I ask, “And if he doesn’t?”
Ben answers, “Then we will sit him and Sarah down and talk to them. Let them know that will not be tolerated in this condo. We are going to be parents and have to think about the environment that will surround our baby.”
I reply, “You’re right.”
I know Ben is right. We have to think about what will be best for the baby. We cannot have drugs around the baby, even though I think pot is the lesser of the drugs, but I do not want the baby growing up thinking that may be alright to do. Yet on the other hand maybe Tom just wanted to know what all the fuss was about. I will not know the answer until I talk to him and right now is not the time to talk. Hey, there are aliens out there that want to have sex with Tom, and in my mind I am cracking up.
I am up at dawn. I just cannot sleep, I am not feeling well, I feel sick to my stomach and I know that this is a normal part of being pregnant. I am on the patio, sipping a cup of tea, and Tom emerges from the condo with a cup of brilliant coffee. The coffee’s aroma tickles my nose but right now I cannot have coffee for it is not recommended to drink while you are pregnant. Tom sits across the picnic table from me and he looks like he has been through hell. I hope he learns a lesson from this, I think to myself. Tom sips his coffee as I stare at him.
Tom asks, “What’s up?”
I say gently, “I think we need to talk about last night.”
Tom asks, “Was I really that bad?”
I say, “You thought there were aliens that wanted to have sex with you. I would say that was a major trip. What did you do?”
Tom says, “Sarah and I were hanging out with some of her friends. They were all drinking and I don’t drink. So when they started to pass a joint around I didn’t want to seem like some moron who is some goody two shoes.”
I say, “I do understand Tom. But I thought you were against shit like that.”
Tom replies, “I was and I am even more against it now.”
I ask, “How are you feeling?”
Tom says, “Like shit. I am exhausted but I cannot sleep. So I decided to give up on the whole sleep shit and join you out here.”
I smile, “I am happy you feel like shit. It means you learned a lesson.”
Tom smiles, “So I thought aliens wanted to have sex with me?”
I laugh, “Yup.”
Tom asks, “How the hell did you keep a straight face?”
I am still laughing, “I have no idea.”
I go into the condo and I make another cup of tea and then I rejoin my brother out on the patio. Ben is the next to wake up and he comes out to the patio with coffee. Ben looks at Tom and asks him how the aliens are. Tom is laughing and glances at me. Tom asks if I really had to tell Ben and my reply is of course I had to. It was too funny to keep to myself. Besides it was harmless but it did concern me. It made me flashback to Victor and Gwen and I did not like that. Tom and I have been through enough with them and I did not like the feeling I was getting and I had to speak to somebody. Ben assures Tom that most teens experiment with pot and Ben says he just hopes that he learned a big lesson from last night.
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