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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Health · #2221128
Jessica is a journalist who goes to Germany for an interview with a professor.

Jessica is a famous journalist and recently she has been distinguished by her articles about the COVID19.
Herald Adolph is a professor and says, "Can you remind me? I forgot your name even though your yesterday's call".
"I am Jessica Anderson from NEW YORK TIMES".

Jessica starts the interview, "what are the specificity and the efficiency of this screening test?"
"Well, it is 97/ 100 specific and 80 /100 efficient. Here are our clinical research studies, you can publish them", he replies
"Are there some false positive and negative and at which ratio?" Jessica asks.
"Well, it is 1 /1000. Also, some other biological studies have shown a 0 /100" he responds.
"Can all people be screened, professor?"
"Well it is not impossible but I think it is better to screen suspected persons, those who have close contact with patients like medical staff, family and friends, or those who are symptomatic. "That is because of the high cost in money and medical staff", he replies.

Jessica asks again, "can you predict when the pandemic will disappear?"
"As I told you first it is by an intelligent screening".
"Then the stopping of this quarantine and the allowance of a wise contact allows the immunization of the individuals."
"Also we can biologically block the virus effect by changing its ADN so that it is no more contemning."

"Also we are in spring and soon in summer and the virus will not be able to survive."
"We should focus on vulnerable population and healthy carriers persons", he explains.
Jessica says, "Can you say professor that Germany masters well this pandemic and this is my last question".
"Well, it masters somehow well this pandemic but we remain vigilant", he replies.

Jessica says, "Thank you so much".
Professor says, "My pleasure!"

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