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A warning to the church of the United States from God.
Let those who have an ear hear, listen to what the Lord has to say.

The Lord has put on my heart to bring a warning of caution to the church of the United States. The Lord has impressed on me that we are not to return to the way we did things before the COVID-19. He used the virus to push us out of the comfort of our four church walls. He caused many us to learn new ways to share His Word. Most of us have seen a greater outreach by using tools like the app Zoom, Skype, YouTube, Facebook, and others, for our sermons, teachings, and social “gatherings.” He wants us to continue using those new ways, those new methods.

He warns us not to fall back to the same old habits but to embrace the newer things we have developed and learned about. We are to use these along with some of the older ways that were successful. Many more people “sat in” on some of the “broadcasts” that you made and did. God was blessed and pleased.

Just as the Disciples had to learn new ways, after the Lord arose and returned to heaven to be at the right hand of the Father, so did we. As well, they held on to what they had already learned from Lord Jesus. Once the hand is put to the plow, one cannot go forward effectively and also look back. In the same manner, the Lord wants His church of the United States to keep the good and effective of the before but now continue to include the new methods of reaching out to the world.

Many pastors have reported that more people were “attending” their sermons and teachings. Family members who were not attending church before have “sat in” along with those who watched using Zoom, Skype, Facebook, and so forth. Pastors have reported numbers higher than their membership viewing the YouTube videos of their teachings and sermons. The outreach has been greater and God has been blessed.

We have a God who is able to do abundantly above all that we can think or imagine, according to the power that works in us.

Let those who have an ear hear, listen to what the Lord has said.
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