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by Archie
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Letter to President Trump

Dear President Trump:

I cringe whenever I think of your being our president. I cringe whenever I hear you speak, yet, I hope that enough people hear what you have to say, that they will consider voting for anyone but you in the upcoming election. My hope dwindles as I listen to those who are in high government positions, including Congress, either support you or remain quiet to protect themselves.

Let us look at a few specifics that lead me to believe you to be one of the most despicable presidents in our history.

Your chomping at the bit to end so many safety-related restrictions regarding coronavirus while our death rate continues to rise on a daily basis.

Your cutting off money to national and international organizations who are working hard to contain and end the coronavirus pandemic.

Your scientifically unsound ideas to fight the coronavirus, such as ingesting or otherwise introducing poisonous substances into our bodies.

Your attempts to silence doctors and scientists who actually know what they are talking about, but who disagree with you.

Your passing of health responsibilities to the states with little or no federal assistance.

Your attempts to politicize the coronavirus pandemic to the detriment of our people.

Those are but a few of the characteristics that make me cringe as I think of the irrationality you have introduced into the office of president. Your behavior indicates to me that you are a cowardly narcissist who thinks of no one but yourself.

I look forward to the day you leave office, and, the sooner the better.
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