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Synopsis for the 48-Hour Media Challenge - Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish
Marley stood at the dock staring out at the ocean. It didn't look scary in the light of day, yet, the foreboding was still there.

The nightmares started around the time she turned sixteen. Marley had loved the water. Then the dreams started, strange, frightening, visions of eyes in the water, watching, waiting, malicious. For eight years she avoided the water, still the nightmares continued. A small group of her dearest friends convinced her to face her demons.

They were going on a short sailing trip in the Florida Keys, four hours, no problem.

Maybe she could finally be rid of the nightmares.


Jared watched her from a distance. She was so close now.

Many eons ago she had been his wife, a witch, and his one love, then she had turned on him. After disposing of him in a cave deep in the ocean, she had gone on to live her life feeling all righteous about abolishing evil.

Only, she had not abolished him completely, not the important bits, and he has been waiting for her return, waiting ever so patiently for revenge.
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