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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2221408
Chapter 29
Graduation day is here. My senior class is gathered just outside the gym in the hallway. I peek into the gym but I cannot spot John or Ben and then I walk back to the members of the class. I am standing in a corner of the hallway, alone, when Sarah approaches me. I cannot help but wonder what Sarah wants from me but I will hear her out. Sarah has been dating a senior named Morgan Saunders and they have been dating for only two months now.
Sarah asks, “Max?”
I reply, “Congrats Sarah.”
Sarah says, “You too.”
I ask, “What’s up?”
Sarah says, “I just want to say I am really sorry about Tom. I sent you a card …”
I gently say, “I received it, thank you.”
Sarah says, “I wanted to approach you before now but I never thought you wanted to speak to me.”
I say, “I let things go a while ago Sarah. It was not important. I lost my brother and best friend.”
Sarah says, “I just wanted to wish you luck with the baby and with everything.”
I am touched, “Thank you Sarah, that means a lot.”
Sarah gives me a brief hug and then she leaves my side. Sarah returns to her friends who are shocked that she approached me. But Sarah had guilt built up and it needed to be released. I do not understand why she chose now to approach me but she finally did. Several teachers get our attention now and we line up two by two. Then the audience quiets and we march into the gym. We all sit and there is music, speakers, and then there is the diploma ceremony.
Once graduation is over and I am official we all march out of the gym. Families collect their graduate and that is when I finally spot John and Ben. Ben kisses me and John hugs me and states that he is so proud of me. I am proud of myself for this year has been hell especially the last six months. I follow John and Ben to John’s car and we drive to John’s house. I could have invited people, had a little graduation party, but I chose not to. I just wanted to be with Ben and John plus I am eight months pregnant and I just did not want to have a party.
I let them know about Sarah and what she had said to me. Ben wonders why she chose now to talk to me and I say I felt the same way. John says that Sarah may have wanted to dig up some old feelings for she had seemed like the type to feed off of drama. John may have a point but that is not what matters now. All that matters is my husband and father in law and the baby that is growing inside of me.
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