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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · History · #2221454
Sebastien has an eye-opening chat with his namesake.
Deja Vue All Over Again

Sebastien stood looking out the living room window of the refurbished brownstone. Thousands of people filled the streets with celebration. But the young man found he couldn’t. Yet he was also unable to turn away from the sight of abandoned joy!

“This has happened before!” said a voice in his ear.

Startled, Sebastien turned toward the voice. To his surprise, a man a little older than himself was standing at his side. He was dressed in an old-fashioned way, but he instinctively knew him!

“I’m glad someone saw fit to give me a namesake!”

When he heard that, the young man knew who it was.


The brownstone he lived in had been the family home for generations. But all the young ones drifted away. As an architect like the first Sebastien, he couldn’t see it go to wrack and ruin without trying to save it!

He’d known since he’d moved in, that many of his ancestors were still here. He’d even met a few. The idea excited him without causing fear.

“What do you mean?” Sebastien asked.

“At the end of the Great War, many people flooded the streets to celebrate.”

“That’s when the Spanish Flu had more waves that killed billions, right?”

The specter of his ancestor looked sad.

“It killed so many people! I caught it in the trenches because of overcrowded hospital wards and malnutrition.”

“But you came back!” Sebastien cried.

“Yes, but I was never the same. They say now that a super bacterial infection killed the most. I managed to sire your father and his siblings, but my constitution remained weak.”

“So you’re saying there could be further waves of this flu too?”

The phantom nodded slowly and vanished as if he couldn’t watch out the window any more.

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