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by Drake
Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2221609
Black Ops surviel a couple of orcs and come to a realization.
Two orcs sat at a fire pit in their backyard. One was large for an orc, sitting hunched over with boulder sized shoulders. The other, short, skinny, and long brown tusks that jutted out comically from his large lower lip which was riddled with lip rings.

A block away, on the top of a building perched two humans. They wore all black special ops gear. Nearby sat two sniper rifles on bipods. The humans turned a dial up on a control device. Voices crackled to life in their earpieces.

“Yesterday Silent Stripes ran into Fangs again. It was a tense standoff but Fangs got the message and left before any real trouble started.” the large orc said this.

“Yeah, but Fangs will remember this trespass into her territory, she always does, and she always gets revenge.” said the skinny orc.

“Fangs is gonna get the drop on Silent Stripes one day then it’s gonna be a whole new world.”

“Yeah, a new order will fall into place concerning the chain of command.”

“Yeah, Fangs will take over and Silent Stripes will have to find a new place to go while Fangs gets the spoils.”

“Yeah, it’ll be glorious when it happens.”

“What if it doesn’t happen?”


“What if Fangs doesn’t get revenge and take over?”

“I know it will happen.”

“How do you know?”

“I saw the viciousness in her eyes, I know what she’s planning.”

“What if you’re wrong?”

“I am rarely wrong when it comes to conflict…”

This line of conversation went on for two hours, the orcs putting log after log into the fire. One of the humans, tired of survilling this, radioed to their headquarters.

“HQ command have you received the intel you were hoping for? Do we have the go ahead to conclude this operation.

After a little less than a minute HQ replied.
“We have what we need. At this point they are talking in circles and may be onto us so conclude the mission and return to HQ.”
“Copy that.”
The men sat behind their rifles, took aim, and fired. The sound suppressed muzzles sounded like metal bats hitting fast balls in quick succession. The orcs slumped over.

A few minutes later the humans entered the orcs’ house. Searching for anything that they could bring back to HQ to support the information they had gathered through their listening devices.

One of the men became startled by movement as a cat rubbed up against his leg. It was a silver cat with black stripes. The man looked down at the cat then focussed on another cat watching him as it perched on a mantle. The cat looked at him impassively, it’s large fangs poking out of its mouth like a feline vampire.

The man tapped his partner.
“Look at those cats.”
His partner looked at them.
“What about em?”
“Look closer.”
His partner silently looked over the cats, then slowly, with dawning realization began to shake his head.
“We’re never going to win this war against the orcs…” he said, dejected.
“What was that?” HQ replied.
“The orcs were talking about their cats HQ, their cats…”
The men shook their heads and walked out.
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